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1. Aegean Prelude Tour: 7 days in Turkey

You can see The Canakkale Martyrs Memorial in Gallipoli on a trip to Turkey
Take a history tour of Gallipoli and find out more Turkey's history during World War I.
Day 1 Welcome to Istanbul
Day 2 Sightsee around Istanbul’s Old City
Day 3 Explore the WWI Gallipoli Battlefields
Day 4 Journey to ancient Pergamon
Day 5 Travel to Ephesus
Day 6 Relax in the hot springs of Pamukkale
Day 7 Say goodbye in Marmaris

Wander around the world-class sights in Istanbul, like the Spice Bazaar and St Sophia Museum, and cruise across the mighty Bosphorus Strait on this 7-day Turkey tour. Enjoy a blend of modern history in Gallipoli with visits to ANZAC Cove and Ottoman-era architecture like the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Visit ancient wonders like the archeological city of Troy, complete with the new, award-winning Troy Museum. Learn about the Turkish carpet weaving tradition in the former Greek village of Sirince, and also try the locally-produced fruit wines. Spend time surrounded by the ancient ruins of Agoras and temples at Ephesus before seeing the calcified waterfalls of Pamukkale. See all 7-day tours in Turkey.

2. Black Sea Special: Turkey in One Week

Explore green tea farms on a sunny on your 7-day trip in Turkey.
Explore Rize and delve into the main tea-producing province in Turkey.
Day 1 Arrive in Trabzon, visit Sera Lake
Day 2 Tour the Black Sea and head to the town of Macka
Day 3 Visit Rize
Day 4 Travel to Arhavi, visit Borcka Karagol Lake
Day 5 Discover Macahel Valley
Day 6 Return to Rize, travel to Hatila Valley
Day 7 Catch your flight home

Spend 7 days in Turkey visiting quaint villages dotting a narrow coastline flanked by the sea on one side and mountains on the other; Turkey's Black Sea Coast is nothing like the rest of the country. Tour the historic city of Trabzon before moving on to the mountainous Rize. Absorb the breathtaking natural beauty of the Ayder Highlands and cover local highlights like Zilkale Castle and Borcka Karagol Lake along the way. 

3. Silk Road Explorer: One Week in Turkey

See Sultanhani Caravanserai while spending 7 days in Turkey.
Learn about the ancient route used by traders at Sultanhani Caravanserai.
Day 1 Start your tour in Kusadasi
Day 2 Head to the ancient city of Ephesus
Day 3 Enjoy a soak in Pamukkale’s Roman hot springs
Day 4 Journey along the mighty Silk Road
Day 5 Explore the stunning Goreme Valley Open Air Museum
Day 6 Discover the Turkish capital, Ankara
Day 7 Depart in Istanbul

Spend your seven days in Turkey getting swept away by the beauty of the Temple of Artemis—one of the ancient wonders of the world—in the ancient city of Ephesus. Kick back and relax on the stunning Travertines (Calcium terraces) in Pamukkale before journeying around the historic Silk Road. Then, indulge in a traditional Turkish folklore evening in Konya by visiting Sultanhani Caravanserai and the Mevlana Museum. Journey to Cappadocia and roam around the iconic fairy chimneys. You can even head into underground cities in Goreme, Kaymakli, and Derinkuyu and see how the natural rock formations helped to build a civilization. Finish your trip by soaking up Turkish history at the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Ankara and journeying back to the bustling sights of Istanbul. See all 7-day tours in Turkey. Describe your ideal 7-day holiday for a customized trip to Turkey.

4. Hike Through: Turkey in 7 days

Tourists following a hiking trail on the Lycian Coast with the sea beside them.
Hike your way through the calming and serene Lycian coast.
Day 1 Arrive in Dalaman
Day 2 Hike to Karmilassos
Day 3 Follow the southern slopes of Babadag Moutain to Faralya
Day 4 Trek through Butterfly Valley to Aktas
Day 5 Ascend to Alinca
Day 6 Visit Gey and continue to Gavuragli
Day 7 Bid farewell to Dalaman

A hiking trip through Turkey’s remote Lycian Coast is a dream come true for many travelers. Start your journey in the coastal city of Dalaman. Encounter spectacular coastal views and stumble upon historic ruins as you hike through forests, villages, and mountains. Relax on Aktas beach and visit the abandoned Greek village of Karmilassos. Head to Butterfly Valley, a location surrounded by steep cliffs and filled with over 100 species of butterflies. Then make your way to Alinca village, which sits 800 meters above sea level. The ancient city of Sidyma is a top attraction here. Move on to Gavuragli, where you can interact with the friendly locale. Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean and spend your evenings discovering small, tranquil villages with this 7-day Turkey itinerary. 

From the mesmerizing rock formations in Cappadocia to the ancient Roman ruins in Ephesus, there is a lot you can cover in 7 days in Turkey. If one week is not enough for you, check out our guide on how to spend 14 days in Turkey. But if you are short on time, spending 5 days in Turkey is also a great idea!

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