Ethiopia is one of the world’s most historically rich countries; archaeological digs in the area have uncovered artefacts dating back more than 3 million years! A visit to Addis Ababa features some cultural museums and hiking opportunities on Mount Entoto. Or, tour the ancient city of Gondar, with its walled fortress and palace from the 17th-century.

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Highlights of Ethiopia

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Sue Guthries love for Ethiopia is obvious in her whole attitude and interaction with the people. She ...
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  • Activities Active and outdoor & Wildlife +4 more
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Incredible Ethiopia

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13 day explorer trip through Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar and 4 other destinations in Ethiopia. Read More
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Ethiopia Simien Mountains and Beyond

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This was a challenging and rewarding trek. The grandeur and beauty of the landscape is almost overwh ...
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Best of Ethiopia

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15 day cultural, religious and historic sites trip through Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar and 11 other destinations in Ethiopia. Read More
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  • Operator Absolute Ethiopia Tours
  • Activities Cultural, religious and historic sites & Natural landmarks sightseeing
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Ethiopia Tour Reviews

5 - Excellent
Based on 86 customer reviews
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
“If you after a trip that has a lot of diversity, then this is the trip for you. In the Simien Mountains we watched the Geladas playing, eating grass and jumping into the Giant Lobelias in anger to protect their harem from other males trying to challenge them. They are very vocal and fun to observe. We were also fortunate to see Ibex, Bearded Vultures and two lucky people saw the Simien Fox. We climbed Ras Dashen, Ethiopia's highest mountain. There were some long hard days of trekking, but worth it, because you get to see the locals going about their daily lives along the way and amazing views. One particular night our guides were singing and dancing for us by the camp fire and the local children joined in, they held our hands and we danced with them. It was a special night. When you look through the itinerary you will see we went on Lake Tana to visit a 14th century monastery and on the way back saw hippos. We also visited ancient rock-hewn churches that will make you wonder how it was possible for them to be built from one huge rock - Lalibela was a highlight! Our local guide looked after us so well and was very knowledgeable about the history, religion and culture of his country. We also had a World Expeditions leader join us, mainly to look after us if we needed medical help with altitude sickness. None of the group required this, but it was great to have the World Expeditions leader trek with us. The food was very good, there was always plenty of coffee available and the accommodation improved along the way from tents to a brand new resort. This is only a small part of what we experienced in Ethiopia. We really enjoyed our adventure, it was wonderful.”
An amazing country
4 - Very Good
  • Anonymous
“Recently returned from a wonderful trip , travelling with a friendly set of companions and Kibrom as our guide. It is a deeply spiritual country with amazing scenery and lovely people. The accommodation is generally good although not everything works ! The Ethiopians dont have a culture of eating out so restaurants menus are simple and somewhat repetitive - and I didnt really like Injera which is a classic staple in the Ethiopian diet. Our guide was very knowledgable especially about the church and Ethiopian history and it was interesting to discuss cultural differences with him, which often challenged the Western way of looking at life.Some of the days are very long , with early starts , toilets in restaurants can be a bit grim and you have to accept that bush stops ( girls to the right and boys to the left ) are often required . I think the Exodus assessment of activity levels is an under estimate and a reasonable level of fitness and agility is required especially as many of the sights are at high altitude which can make you feel tired and breathless with minimal activity.”
Ethiopia in Depth
5 - Excellent
  • Anonymous
“Overall, it was an interesting and very enjoyable experience. Our guide, Yitbarek, was very well organized, knowledgeable, and his love for his country and people shone through. Scenery was spectacular. Hotels, food, and wine ranged in quality, but I went knowing Ethiopias infrastructures were poor as were many of the roads. Timket was amazing.”

Ethiopia - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

Ethiopia is an African nation located on the continent’s Eastern Horn (Horn of Africa). It is home to over 74 million people, and aside from Nigeria, contains the highest population in Africa. Many historians regard Ethiopia as the place of human origin as the country holds the distinction of being one of the oldest nations in the world.

Travel Highlights

  • Take a hike along the Simen mountains in one of many unique variety of national parks.
  • Go to southern Ethiopia to get a glimpse of Lake Chamo, and also to learn a little about how ancient tribes got on.
  • Check out Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa for some shopping. While you're there, visit the Addis Ababa University, which is Africa's largest University.
  • Your trip to Ethiopia is incomplete without trying ‘Injera’, sponge-like sourdough often served with soup.

Travel Tips

  • Learn a little Amharic, Ethiopia’s national language, for your dealings with the locals.
  • Ethiopia is also for the most part low-crime. Usually, western Ethiopia is the best place for travelers due to lesser known conflicts.
  • Be vigilant and careful in the areas that lay in the borders with Sudan and Kenya. These have been periodical hotbeds of crime.
  • Be careful of people who may drum up a pity story to dupe you out of some cash.
  • Don't be afraid to explore places that are deemed safe for tourists.

Ethiopia has seasonal weather so please do check up on the best time to visit Ethiopia before planning your tour. And if you’re still hunting for more things to do and places to explore in Ethiopia, do check out our Ethiopia Travel Guide for more information.