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  • Sally Bailey
  • From England
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"We were extremely impressed with the booking process with Hien who helped us promptly with any queries we had and who also booked an extra stay for us at the end of the tour.

We were also well supported by Dat who made sure we were well looked after during our visit. We very much hope to use Bookmundi again in the future."
  • Sonali
  • From USA
  • On
"I would love to explore more about Vietnam's history in the future and definitely gooing to choose this agency again."
  • Kanel
  • From Canada
  • On
"I extremely enjoyed the itinerary and activities. It was only 14 days for my husband's schedule and I booked this package. It combines Vietnam and Thailand with many so funny activities. I was impressed with the cruise in Ha Long and had a good time there. Hotels were good and guides so outstanding. Thank you for all your help"
  • Sunil
  • From England
  • On
"The tour was amazing. Started at Siem Reap, and we were enchanted by the architecture, culture, and history of the country, our local tour guide was amazing as a local he knew loads of information but also was a real laugh when we went out! Phnom Penh was different from Siam Reap as it is more of a concrete jungle albeit with some cool historical sites. And Vietnam is a beautiful country and has a lot of delicious food and lovely locals, we love them. I am very satisfied with this tour, thank you team, highly recommend it to everyone!"
  • Nayp
  • From Germany
  • On
"I just got the most memorable trip to Thailand in 9 days. The landscape was incredibly stunning, and the snorkeling experience was absolutely fantastic. Give my special thanks to our travel guide Evelyn, she was always available whenever I got any problems and tried to solve all of it as soon as possible. I have absolutely no complaints about this extraordinary journey."

About Us

Founded in 2011, Realistic Asia is a full-service tour operator with a head office in Vietnam and is well-known for organizing memorable trips with unique and authentic experiences in South East Asia. We are locals and true experts in our destinations. With our local knowledge, we are proud to provide an excellent service and a wide range of activities: from a one-day trip to long multi-country tours; and from a leisure beach break to trekking adventure in jungles.

Why book with Us

First–hand Knowledge
Our team have travelled to every corner of our destinations and tried all the activities we offer. We personally check all the places to visit, all the things to do and all accommodations to stay in. Our specialists are always ready to give you comprehensive travel advice no matter what part of Vietnam or Indochina you want to visit and what type of activities you prefer.

We operate on the customer-centric core and continuously work on improving the service. We carefully select and regularly check all the accommodation, transport and activities we offer to our travellers. We have built a strong partnership with our suppliers to provide you with the best service and price. On top of that, we develop our tours based on deep insight knowledge of the visited destination and the latest travel trends.

Realistic Asia shares the values of sustainable tourism and is committed to implementing this concept for our tours at all destinations we serve. We do care about the places we offer to visit as it is our home and we want them to be the same beautiful for future generations.

We are aiming to preserve the environment and cultural heritage of Indochina and it goes throughout the concept of our company. We use local guides at each destination, who have the best knowledge about the area and how to run the tour in the best way for the environment. We support local businesses: we prefer locally owned accommodations and offer our travellers local cuisine meals. As a big part of our contribution to community development, we have created our exclusive day trip - Ba Vi Eco Tour, which is aimed to support the local community and give the travelers deep knowledge about the daily life of Vietnamese villages.

We aim to share with travelers our national values. All our tours are educational and will bring our travelers deep into the local culture. We always do our best to keep a positive experience for our travelers and for local people as well.

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