I was in my late twenties when a friend who was a tour guide asked me to join him on one of his trips. I went along and after I returned, it took me only a couple of weeks to leave my job as a sales manager in a pharmaceutical company and to sign up for courses to become a licensed tour guide in Thailand! I realized that showing my country to other people was exactly what I wanted to do.

Now, after 15 years "on the road" I have decided that working from the office is the best option for me. I can continue pursuing my passion but be able to stay at home longer and enjoy my family life. Nevertheless, sometimes I still escape from the office and travel as a guide to enjoy again the beauty of visiting Thailand with our customers.

Tommy's best travel experience

It is difficult to choose just one! Many of my best memories have been during my trips with foreign students who came to Thailand for their first trip overseas. Seeing my own country through their eyes made me discover amazing experiences and situations that I probably overlooked when I saw them by myself. I'm very proud to present my country to all travellers from around the world.

Why is Tommy the right travel expert

It is quite difficult to choose a travel expert nowadays, and I am sure you are wondering who to choose right now. Well, from my side I can only promise you that I will try to show you the very best of my country. Travelling is my passion and I would be very happy if you gave me the opportunity of sharing it with you.

I look forward to meeting you and together organizing your amazing trip to an amazing country. See you soon!