I was raised in Uganda, where I started heading out on safaris from a very young age! My family was very adventurous and I was lucky enough to travel all over Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Lesotho and many more countries around the world while I was growing up. This is really where my love of travel came from.

I studied Environmental Science at University which led me to work in conservation, giving me the opportunities to live in Kenya, Tanzania, Tenerife and Malaysia, and I got to know these areas better.

I am passionate about responsible travel and showing visitors this incredible continent and the people and animals that call it home. I believe that responsible tourism is the way forward to preserve a lot of Africa's nature. If people fall in love with this country, then they will strive to protect it.

Leonie's Travel Expertise

My speciality is East Africa, having grown up there and travelled it extensively. I continue to return time and time again as there is always something new and exciting to offer from this incredible part of the world.

I love adventure and I have been gorilla trekking, climbed Mount Nyirangongo to see the bubbling lava lake, hiked Mount Elgon, been rafting down the river Nile and dived with whale sharks on Mafia Island. I would say I am keen to show people the adventures they can have while exploring this corner of the world.

Since getting into the travel industry I have had the opportunity to branch out and see more of this continent, most recently returning from an incredible Zambia adventure and falling in love with yet another country I will have to go back to!

Expert Activities

Leonie's best travel experience

Swimming with whale sharks on Mafia Island, off the coast of Tanzania, was a truly a breathtaking experience! The first time I caught a glimpse of the fins cutting through the water I realised I had no idea just how massive these animals were, right beneath the surface. I jumped right in the water and suddenly there were these beautiful animals cruising past, moving so fast without any effort as they glided through the water. I kicked my fins to catch up as I swam alongside them. Even though I was out of breath, by the time I clambered onto the boat I couldn't stop smiling. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had — being so close to these gentle giants on a gorgeous paradise island.

Why is Leonie the right travel expert

I make a great travel expert because my love of Africa really shines through. Even before starting this job, I encouraged so many people to go to Africa, as I knew they would fall in love as much as I had.

Creating someone's special trip is a really rewarding experience and being part of people's big holidays or once in a lifetime plans makes every trip different and memorable. I love to chat with my clients, hear what they actually want from a trip and suggest the best countries, parks and accommodations to suit them.