New Zealand in July: Weather, Tips & Snow Sports


Thinking of visiting New Zealand in July? Unless you are going for the snow sports season in Queenstown or Wanaka, this is not the best time to travel to New Zealand. July is the coldest month of the year and the wettest in many popular cities like Auckland. So it is not a great time to enjoy the natural wonders and attractions that New Zealand is known for. But if you are looking for bargain deals in your travel, flights to New Zealand in July, as well as accommodation rates are low. This, however, does not apply to the ski resorts in the south, which are bustling during this time of year.

New Zealand Weather in July

The weather in Auckland in July is rainy.
July is one of the wettest months in Auckland so come prepared.

New Zealand's weather in July is notoriously wet and cold. With high temperatures of 14°C in the northern city of Auckland and an average of 18 days of rain, the weather is not ideal for outdoor exploration. But if you happen to be traveling in New Zealand in July, we advise you to check out the indoor attractions. Thinking of heading further inland on the North Island to the lakeside town of Taupo? Temperatures are a little colder here with highs of 10°C and a small amount of snowfall occurs during July.

If you are planning on heading south for the ski season, there is plenty of snow in the resort town of Queenstown, with 51mm of snowfall and the average temperature highs of 4°C across the month.

For a seasonal overview, take a look at our guide on the best time to visit New Zealand.

Weather in New Zealand in July - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)
Avg Nightly (°C)15.916.515.31412.310.89.710.110.311.312.714.8
Avg Daily (°F)68.3668.3667.2863.6859.956.4854.6855.5856.6659.1862.0665.84
Avg Nightly (°F)60.6261.759.5457.254.1451.4449.4650.1850.5452.3454.8658.64
Avg Rainfall (mm)2729.53243.5485952514337.54047

Why Visit New Zealand in July

Watching the birdman event is one of the best things to do in New Zealand.
Watch the locals dress up as birds in the Bay of Islands.
Visit Auckland Downtown Ferry Terminal in July.
See the landmarks in New Zealand without having to fight the crowds.

Despite adverse weather conditions, there are plenty of great reasons to visit New Zealand in July, from quirky events to preferable rates. Let us find out more:

  • New Zealand International Film Festival: Looking to find the next Taika Waititi on your trip to New Zealand? Well, this illustrious film festival kicks off in Auckland at the start of July before traveling around several Kiwi towns and cities.
  • Birdman: If you are looking for a completely insane event, head up to the Bay of Islands for Birdman. Watch in awe as grown adults dress up as birds and leap off Russell Wharf into the frigid water below, hoping to fly. It is madness but super entertaining to watch.
  • Better rates: July being the low season in most of New Zealand, flight and accommodation rates get cheaper. If you are looking to travel around and do not mind the wet and cold weather, you can grab great bargains on your trip to New Zealand this month.
  • Lesser crowd: Outside of the ski resorts, there are hardly any tourists in New Zealand in July. If you are planning on exploring the country's museums and galleries, you will likely have them all to yourself.

Where to go and what to do

Relax in a thermal pool near Rotorua.
Escape the cold weather in a thermal pool in New Zealand.

One of the best things to do in New Zealand in July is to hit the slopes. At this time, the South Island resorts are hitting peak snow sports season. If you want a more chilled-out and less hectic resort than Queenstown, check out neighboring Wanaka. Known for its lake and striking trees, Wanaka also has a really cool cinema, eateries and ski resorts.

July is also an ideal time to take a coastal beach walk in the Abel Tasman National Park. Being near the coast, the national park has slightly warmer temperatures than inland cities, towns and resorts. After taking in the scenery, you can return to the town or your lodgings and warm up with a big mug of tea or mulled wine.

Another popular winter activity in New Zealand is taking a plunge into one of many hot springs. Known for its geothermal activity, the country has plenty of hot springs to choose from, including the ones near the lakes in the town of Taupo. Located on the North Island, Taupo has a lot of shops, bars and restaurants as well. And it is close to a lot of tourist attractions. Warm yourself up after a long day of chilly exploration with a soak in the hot springs with a trip to Taupo.

Yes, there are much better times to visit New Zealand other than cold wet July—that is, if you are not planning a skiing trip to the country. Outdoor excursions, such as hiking and camping, that make New Zealand such a popular destination are largely off the table this month. But if you are looking for a budget trip and do not mind the rain and cold, you will find tempting bargains on airfare and accommodation in New Zealand in July. Contact our local travel experts to plan a customized tour of New Zealand.

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