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From delicious local cuisine to stunning seaside vistas, Italy has so much to offer travelers. One week in Italy is plenty of time to experience the country’s best, no matter what your interests are. In this article, we offer our recommended Italy itineraries of between 5 and 7 days that will have you exploring, eating, and relaxing in all the best places. If you are planning to discover Italy in a week (give or take a day or two), you will like the list we've put together below. Enjoy Renaissance art, sip Italian wine by the seaside, or float through Lake Como on a private boat. These itineraries take care of everything, all you have to do is enjoy! 

5 days in Italy: Cinque Terre’s coastal paths

When you plan to spend 7 days in Italy, it is a must that you visit and explore the gorgeous landscape of Cinque Terre.
Walk the famous Lover's Walk path and enjoy gorgeous view of the sea with this Italy itinerary
Day 1 Welcome to Levanto
Day 2 Walk the scenic paths and explore the seaside villages of Framura
Day 3 Walk the famous Lover's trail and explore the five charming villages that makeup Cinque Terre
Day 4 Climb the coastal cliffs of Sentiero Rosso and enjoy the magnificient views of the coastline
Day 5 Say goodbye to Cinque Terre

This walking tour of Cinque Terre and the surrounding coast will greet you with jaw-dropping views of the sea and take you strolling through picturesque vineyards and forests along well-maintained walking paths for your 5 day trip in Italy. If you want to travel and stay active, you won’t find a better walking tour than this one! You’ll get the chance to explore some of Italy’s most charming coastal villages as stopovers between scenic walks that will reveal something new around each bend, whether that’s a scenic sea vista or a cliffside castle. Each day brings new views and experiences you can’t get anywhere else. With medieval castles, hand-terraced hillsides, and lively evenings in the villages, you’ll never be bored. See tour.

5-day trip to Italy’s Lombardy region

The Gothic inspied cathedral is a must visit when you visit Italy in a week.
Head to the rooftop of Milan Duomo for a closer look at the famous needle-spires holding religious statues
If you have 5 days in Italy, Lake Como bordered by glorious hills and mountains is a must visit.
Explore the beautiful villas and architecture of Bellagio in Lake Como
Day 1 Arrive in Milan and enjoy an evening stroll 
Day 2 Take a unique tram tour and explore the historic and shopping spots of Milan
Day 3 Take a tour of Lake Como via private boat
Day 4 Take a panoramic funicular to Brunate and enjoy the vistas of Lake Como from atop
Day 5 Say goodbye and head to your next destination

Get to know Italy’s fashion capital by hitting the town and enjoying an aperitif in Navigli, one of Milan’s most vibrant districts. Visit Milan’s most famous sights, including the nation’s oldest (and most beautiful) shopping mall and take a unique tour of the city by tram. When you’re ready for a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city, head into the Italian Lake District for a private boat tour of Lake Como to admire the natural beauty of Italy’s third-largest lake and the gorgeous villas along its shores. Wrap your five days up with a trip to the village of Brunate, accessible by a panoramic funicular with stunning views. See tour.

7 days in Italy: Food in the Italian countryside

Italy in a week is enough to explore the Italian wine and cuisine.
As you explore Italy in a week, eat and drink your way through the birthplace of pizza and wine
Day 1 Welcome to Ascoli Piceno
Day 2 Discover Offida’s charm; learn more about Percino wine
Day 3 Tour Ascoli on foot and explore truffle country
Day 4 Cook your favorite Italian dishes alongside a locally renowned chef in a 17th-century villa
Day 5 Visit Civitella del Tronto, the largest medieval fortress followed by a traditional lunch in one of the best family-run restaurants
Day 6 Travel to Conero coast and enjoy the local food as you stroll through the villages
Day 7 Say goodbye to your tour guides and your new friends

This Italy itinerary is a foodie’s dream. From local truffle dishes to freshly caught seafood, you’ll never need to put down your fork as you work your way through the flavors of the renaissance. Start each morning with breakfast made from local specialties and seasonal pastries as you prepare for a day that will have you pairing the perfect dish with the perfect wine. Spend a day exploring Italy’s largest and most formidable medieval fortress or lounging in gorgeous wine country. You’ll even learn to cook your favorite Italian dishes with a locally renowned chef so you can bring the taste of Italy back with you! This Italy itinerary for 7 days mixes scenic villages, seasonal dishes, and Italian wine, plus an exciting trip to Loreto’s world-famous pilgrimage site! See tour.

1 week Italy Itinerary: Ride through the rolling hills of Langhe

Langhe is a hilly area in Piedmont famous for its wine,truffles and cheese a must visit when you're exploring Italy in a week.
Indulge in delicious food and wine as you bike through the vineyards of Langhe on this 7-day Italy itinerary
Day 1 Welcome to Alba
Day 2 Bike through the vineyards of the Langhe and discover medieval castles
Day 3 Spend the day riding along the romantic route of Langhe and Roero
Day 4 Discover the Talloria Valley and taste some of the region’s most famous wines
Day 5 Learn about the Slow Food Movement with some delicious cuisine in Bra
Day 6 Explore the Roman town of Pollenzo and the University of taste
Day 7 Say goodbye to your bike and continue your travels

This itinerary for Italy in a week combines three of our favorite things: delicious wine, beautiful bike routes, and a surplus of stunning castles along the way, and the food! This itinerary will take you through the fresh culinary delights of the Slow Food Movement and Pollenzo’s University of Gastronomic Sciences. Don’t worry, you’ll earn those delicious calories as you travel to your destinations by bike. The relatively easy flat rides through the gorgeous Langhe region will have you passing through scenic vineyards and visiting medieval castles along the way in a trip you’ll never forget. See tour


Italy itinerary for 7 days: Follow the Via Francigene through Piedmont

The Viverone lake in the foot of Alps is a huge expanse of Spring water.
Explore the historic towns surrounding the shores of Viverone Lake
Day 1 Welcome to Pont San Martin
Day 2 Stroll through the countryside and discover a 700-year-old fortress
Day 3 Enjoy alpine views from the gentle slopes of the Serra d’Ivrea
Day 4 Enjoy the banks of Lake Viverone before traveling onwards to the plains of Padana
Day 5  Explore the shining watery fields of Vercelli
Day 6 Follow the Sesia River to the historic town of Robbio
Day 7 Travel through the Pavese countryside to Mortara

This gorgeous 7-day trip will take you on some of the oldest streets in Italy as you wind your way along this section of the Via Francigene. Make your way by foot through shifting landscapes as you move through the Alps and into the hills and plains below, running all the time into stunning vistas and charming medieval towns dotted with towers and castles that will have you grabbing for your camera. This itinerary will have you discovering important pilgrimage sites, and natural wonders of Italy in a week! See tour

An overview map of 7-day itineraries for Italy
An overview map of 7-day itineraries for Italy

If you're planning to explore Italy in a week, it is plenty of time to see the best that Italy has to offer, no matter what your interests are. Gorge yourself on freshly made food, lounge on the seaside, or explore medieval cities or do it all! If 7 days in Italy is not sufficient and you have more days to spare, you can check our travel guide on how long to stay in Italy for more ideas. 

While these itineraries are designed to help you make the most of your Italy trip, you can always mix and match by designing your own itinerary with the assistance of our travel expert in Italy

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