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Mexico’s weather in June is warm and humid. However, even though it is monsoon, rains usually come in shorts bursts, and you can expect plenty of sunny days as well. Most of the country is covered with lush vegetation at this time of year, quite a contrast from the arid landscape that people imagine when it comes to this country. Traveling to Mexico in June also means that you can avail terrific discounts on air travel and hotel rooms as it is a low tourist season. And despite rains, much of the country is open for travel in June. You can go city hopping, watch adorable sea turtles, enjoy diving and snorkeling, and explore incredible ruins of ancient civilizations scattered across the country. Safe to say you will not run out of things to do in the country during your Mexican vacation.

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Mexico Weather in June

Hand catching raindrops
While there are possibilities of downpours in Mexico in June, they are accompanied by bright and sunny days which are perfect for outdoor activities.

The weather in Mexico in June is a mixture of sudden downpours and bright days. This means that even if you head for Cancun, you will encounter short spells of rain followed by clear skies and plenty of sunshine. Here, the average highs hover at around 33°C, while the temperature can fall as low as 25°C. Despite occasional rainfall, the weather is mostly pleasant in Mexico City during this time of year, with an average high of 24°C and an average low of 12°C. Additionally, even though both temperatures and humidity are high across the country during this time of year, northern Mexico is drier than its southern counterpart.

For a seasonal overview, browse through our travel guide on the best time to visit Mexico.

Weather in Mexico in June - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)252422
Avg Nightly (°C)111212
Avg Daily (°F)777672
Avg Nightly (°F)525454
Avg Rainfall (mm)304060

Why Visit Mexico in June

Baby turtles on the beach
June is the month when turtles begin their nesting season in Mexico, so make sure to not miss it.
Walking Street in the Historic Center of Mexico City
While the possibility of rain lingers, you could still go for a sightseeing tour of the famous Mexican capital.

Although many travelers balk at the idea of flying to Mexico in June for a vacation, you should certainly consider traveling to the country during this month. Below are a few reasons why.

  • Great discounts: A low tourist season means a sharp drop in the prices of hotels, flights, and activities. Head for Mexico in June and make the most of your budget.
  • Fewer people: Dwindling footfall means less-crowded highlights. Travel to Mexico in June if you wish to enjoy the top sights of the country without being swamped by people.
  • Monsoon magic: Rains bring life to parched landscapes across the country, allowing you to experience a different side of Mexico in June.
  • Turtle time: Many species of turtles have their nesting season in June. If you are not a turtle lover, you will turn into one while in Mexico in June.
  • Urban charm: Mexico City’s weather in June is moderate enough to go out on a sightseeing tour in the city. Worried about getting caught in a sudden shower? The capital is home to plenty of world-class museums and indoor attractions.
  • Festive delights: June has its fair share of events and festivals, including Feria de San Pedro (Saint Peter’s Fair) which is held in Tlaquepaque in honor of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. This event features live music and concerts. The other festival that might interest you is Día de Los Locos (the Day of the Crazies) which is held in San Miguel de Allende. This celebration is a madcap mix of satire, over-the-top costumes, music, folklore, and boisterous parades where marchers throw candies at shrieking crowds.

Where to go and what to do

Turquoise water of Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun in Mexico
The island of Isla Mujeres offers the perfect opportunity to lay back and relax by the coastline.

It is okay to check the weather report before stepping out during the monsoon, but do not let the rain spoil your fun in Mexico in June. If you are planning on exploring the Yucatán Peninsula, it does not rain much in the area so you can enjoy its white sand beaches and swim and dive in the ocean. Head to the lovely Isla Mujeres if you want to see whale sharks and sea turtles. If you are looking to relax on the beaches of Cancun, June will not be a letdown. This is also a great time to get familiar with Mexico’s capital—go on food tours in the city, visit the museum dedicated to Frida Kahlo, marvel at Diego Rivera’s masterpiece ‘The History of Mexico’ and admire the frenzied atmosphere of La Merced, among Mexico City’s liveliest markets.

Around Mexico City are remarkable ruins that are worth exploring. One of them is the Unesco World Heritage site of Teotihuacan, while the other is Xochimilco, home to floating gardens and canals where you can go on boat cruises. A unique destination worth visiting during your trip to the country in June is Oaxaca. Located in the southern part of the country, Oaxaca is a destination unlike any other in Mexico. Attend its lively concerts and art exhibitions and explore its urban villages and weekly markets. Speaking of urban charm, the cobblestone streets, bright houses, colonial architecture, and superb museums of Guanajuato, another Unesco World Heritage site, deserve to be on your June itinerary.

What to bring

See-through raincoats can be seen next to umbrellas
Make sure that you are well-equipped against the rain with raincoats and umbrellas.

It will be hard to escape the rain in Mexico in June, so carry a rain jacket and an umbrella with you. A pair of waterproof shoes will also come in handy.

Put your best foot forward and take full advantage of a low tourist season with a trip to Mexico. Our local travel experts can help you craft a customized itinerary to Mexico that meets all of your requirements. If you want more ideas for your travel plans, make sure to check out our travel guide on how many days to spend in Mexico. We would recommend a 10-day stay for the ideal trip but if you limited time in your schedule, you could opt for a 7-day itinerary so that you don't miss out on any of the must-see highlights.

So, wait for no further and start planning your trip to Mexico in June right away!

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