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If you are traveling to Kenya in February, brace yourself for hot weather and tourist crowds. Safaris are in heavy demand and the beach resorts along the Indian Ocean coast are busy during this time. But February is also a great time to stretch out your travel budget by visiting some lesser-known attractions. Kenya has lots of smaller game parks where you can spot all wildlife native to the country without having to jostle with the tourist crowds for a better view.

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Kenya Weather in February

Hammock between palms on sandy beach in Kenya in February
Relax at the beach or indulge in one of many sea activities on the Kenyan coasts in February.

February is the middle of the dry summer season in Kenya. The hot summer days, some rainy ones, are accompanied by balmy nights. In Nairobi, expect a temperature ranging from 13℃ to 28℃ with an average of three rainy days. In coastal Mombasa, the temperature ranges between 23℃ and 33℃. Out in the Maasai Mara savanna, the nights are pleasant at around 14℃, while the day temperature hovers at around 28℃. The temperature around Lake Turkana in northern Kenya mercury can reach up to 43℃ during the day and drops to around 14℃ at night.

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Kenya.

Weather in Kenya in February - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)262827
Avg Nightly (°C)131314
Avg Daily (°F)798381
Avg Nightly (°F)565658
Avg Rainfall (mm)406090

Why Visit Kenya in February

two male lions cuddling in Kenya in February
Maasai Mara and its surrounding regions are home to approximately 1000 lions.
Hatching green turtle crawls across beach in Kenya in September
A newborn hatchling green sea turtle in Lamu Island, Kenya, crawls toward the Arabian Sea for its first time.

Although February is the high tourist season in Kenya, you can easily escape the crowds by visiting some of Kenya’s smaller game parks or other attractions that are relatively unknown to visitors. Here are some popular things to do and see in Kenya in February.

  • Big Cat Diaries: February is part of the calving season for many of Kenya’s herd animals as well as the big cats — lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Take the opportunity to see many of Kenya’s wildlife up close during this time. Game drives in the cool of dawn are a perfect time for viewing the big cats.
  • Underwater Activities: The waters of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast are an oceanic Serengeti, teeming with marine life and beautiful reefs. The sea temperature in February is a balmy 27℃, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Malindi, Mombasa, and the Lamu Archipelago are popular places for these underwater activities.
  • Conquer Mount Kenya: At 5,119 meters, Mount Kenya is Africa’s second-highest mountain (after Kilimanjaro). February is the best month to explore the diverse alpine environment of this mountain. Mount Kenya comprises three peaks and the trek to the summit of Point Lenana — the least difficult peak — takes around four days.
  • Explore Nairobi National Park: Located on the edge of Nairobi, with the city’s tower blocks forming a backdrop, this is a great place to introduce yourself to Kenya’s wildlife. Morning or evening game drive is the best way to spot the park’s many animals.

Where to Go and What to Do

Kenya provides a number of opportunities to enjoy the African savanna
Hot-air ballooning is the best way to enjoy the famous Serengeti National Park in Kenya.

February’s weather is excellent for big game viewing and for bird-watching in Kenya, as wildlife congregates around the watering holes to drink and cool off. Head to Kalacha, an oasis town in the middle of the Chalbi Desert, to witness this spectacle.

To see the cultural side of Kenya and East Africa at large, the capital city of Nairobi hosts
the East African Community Arts Festival in February. The event brings together artists and musicians from around East Africa for poetry, story-telling, music, and dance recitals along with acrobatics and traditional African games.

To escape February’s afternoon heat, you can take a tour of Kazuri Bead Factory while in Nairobi. The workers here make exquisite beads (kazuri is Swahili for “small and beautiful”) worn by women across East Africa. The shady recesses of the Maasai Market are also a great place to visit during the afternoon.

Visiting Kenya in February gives the chance to see the circle of life in its purest form. The herd animals give birth to their young and the predators of the savanna are highly active and easy to spot during this time of year. As the month of February is part of Kenya’s high tourist season, there is a large tourist footfall at the country’s popular destinations and attractions. If you are not a big fan of crowds, you can easily circumvent this situation by planning your sightseeing tours and holiday activities to lesser-known but by no means less captivating parts of Kenya. This way you will not only keep within your travel budget but also experience a more authentic side of Kenya.

Need help with planning a customized trip to Kenya in February? Reach out to our local travel experts who can devise a tailored itinerary for you. For more information, browse through our Kenya tours in February.

Published by Will Cooper, updated on July 1, 2022

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