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Dreamy weather, splendid colors of fall, and good value for money—China in October has everything going for it. It’s no wonder this is one of the best months to visit the Middle Kingdom. Much of China is sunny and dry in October, making it an ideal time to visit. The Great Wall, Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, and the Red Grasslands are blanketed by beautiful autumn foliage. The weather is also ideal for enjoying a bamboo raft ride along the Nine Bend River near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Wuyi in Fujian, as well as admiring the scenery — steep cliffs, green vegetation — of the U-shaped red sandstone Longtan Valley. Read on to find out what a trip to China this month will look like.

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China Weather in October

Yuanxuan Taoist Temple in Guangzhou during the day in China in October.
If you want a pleasant time, the weather in Guangzhou is warm this time of year.

Overall, the weather in China in October is mild and bright, but rain can be expected in southwest China. Toward the second half of the month, night temperatures start to drop in the northern cities. Though it is usually dry, the cold air may be accompanied by light showers. Compared to the moderately cool weather in Beijing, Guangzhou in the south is still relatively warm and rainy. In October, the average high temperature in Beijing is 19°C (66°F), while the average low temperature is 8°C (46°F). The average high and low temperatures in Lhasa are 17°C (63°F) and 2°C (36°F), respectively. The temperatures in Guangzhou range from an average low of 21°C (70°F) to an average high of 29°C (84°F).

Weather in China in October-Rainfall and Temperatures

  Avg Daily (°C/°F) Avg Nightly (°C/°F) Avg Rainfall (mm)
West China (Ürümqi) 13/56 3/38 26
North China (Beijing) 19/66 8/46 22
East China (Shanghai) 23/73 17/62 56
South China (Shenzhen) 29/85 23/73 63

Why Visit China in October

Mao Zedong's portrait at Tiananmen Square in China in October.
You can witness the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square in October.
A woman riding a cycle surrounded by greenery in China in October.
You can enjoy amazing outdoor activities such as cycling during fall in China.

Here’s why touring China in October is such a great idea.

  • Lovely weather: The bleak harshness of winter is more than a month away, and large swathes of China in October are beautiful and welcoming. From Beijing to Shanghai to Xi’an to Lhasa, wherever you go, you’ll find perfect weather conditions.
  • Top events: The events to watch out for during your China trip in October include the National Day, where you can see the flag-raising ceremony early in the morning at Tiananmen Square, and the Ningbo International Fashion Fair, one of the most important events in the fashion world. If you’re in Shanghai in October, look out for the Shanghai Jewelry Expo, where craftspeople and vendors display their products.
  • Outdoor beckons: China is a vast country, and October is a lovely time of year to explore it. From the turquoise waters of the moon-shaped Kanas Lake and the fall colors of Tachuan village in the foothills of the Yellow Mountain to the scenic Heaven Lake near the North Korean border and the magnificent Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River—China reveals its hidden charms in October.
  • Biker’s dream: Admire the beauty of the Karst landscape in Yangshuo (Guilin) in October on this 20-kilometer cycling route that will take you past farms, rivers and villages, or cycle on the comfortable 16-kilometer Duan Bridge to Fazi Temple route in Hangzhou. If you’re in the mood for something truly epic, try the 1,100-kilometer Lanzhou to Dunhuang biking adventure in Gansu province. Along the way, you’ll encounter deserts, oases, grottos, temples and tombs.

Where to go and what to do

A panda hanging on a tree at Bifengxia nature reserve.
You can visit the natural reserves in Chengdu protecting giant pandas.

Seeing adorable pandas is the main reason why tourists take a trip to Chengdu in October. You can see these lovable animals at the Chengdu Panda Base and Dujiangyan Panda Base, or volunteer at the Wolong Panda Nature Reserve. But there is more to Chengdu than giant pandas. You can also check out the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, a 2000-year-old engineering marvel that is still used today, and admire the paintings and artworks at the tranquil Wenshu Monastery.

Relax in the pretty countryside in Guilin and Yangshuo, known for its distinctive karst landscape. Go rafting on a bamboo boat along the Yulong River; the scenery on either side is a soothing lush green. You can also swim in the cool river waters in some parts. Cycle among the rice fields of Yangshuo; you’ll pass grazing water buffalos, peaceful villages and the timeless beauty of the Chinese farmlands. Yangshuo’s West Street is a bustling shopping area, and you can explore its restaurants, bars and boutique shops. See all tours to Guilin.

Known for its remarkable rock pillar landscape, Zhangjiajie is another enchanting place to visit in October. Try the scenic Golden Whip Stream trail, a flat, meandering route on the canyon floor that continues along a cliff. This popular 6.3-kilometer hiking trail to Avatar Mountain takes two to three hours to complete. Enjoy spectacular views of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon from the world’s highest glass bridge. Check out the subterranean streams, rocky formations and huge caverns of the 48-hectare Yellow Dragon Cave.

Need Help Planning a Trip to China in December?

Spending your October holidays in China is a smart move — the weather is pleasant and it’s easier on the pocket. Explore mega cities, hike up stunning mountains, drift along a calm river from the safety of a bamboo boat, and make friends with adorable panda cubs. Reach out to our local travel experts to plan a tailor-made trip to China in October.

Published by Tim Green, updated on March 29, 2024

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