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  • Susan Co
  • From Philippines
  • On
"The tour operator is very responsive during the tour. They accommodated our last minute requests and were able to process it for us."
  • Susan Co
  • From Philippines
  • On
"The hotels are quite far from the city center. Was hoping it will be in a better location."
  • Joseph Rodorigo
  • From USA
  • On
"Very Good"
  • Terry Belknap
  • From USA
  • On
"Using Bookmundi’s webite, you might believe Taste and Slow is a tour company organizing a large group tour that you are apart of —this is not the case. My wife and I thought we were joining a group of Italy tourists where you may find vacation friends as you share experiences, but there is no tour group, it was just us walking around alone in Italy to tours we could have scheduled through Viator or CiaoFlorence on our own. So everyone else knows, they are not a tour company, but they a schedule service. The tours and activities they strung together were coordinated so they did not overlap from a schedule perspective, but we had to find the meeting spots in these foreign cities and figure out how to get there on our own. As for the tours, they literally just signed us up for tours provided through Viator and CiaoFlorence - something anyone can easily do. Then two tours we were most excited about and the reason for picking their tour to see Cinque Terre and Pompeii - without any consultation, Cinque Terre was eliminated and the Pompeii was canceled at 9pm, literally 7 hrs the night before we were scheduled to go - these were terribly disappointing. The activities were excellent because it was Italy, but we were not consulted for significant omissions and if you’re just signing me up for the tours I can do myself, then that is only worth an average rating."
  • Ben Pershick
  • On
"Thank you for setting up this trip for me. There wasn't a single bad day in the whole itinerary!"

About Us

Taste and Slow Italy is an Italian tour operator which will allow you to not only discover the best Italian destinations but also to explore real Italian lifestyle. We offer authentic travel solutions to everyone, from individual travellers, to families and groups of travellers. We specialise in fully personalised tours, tailor-made to your individual interests, budget and requirements.

Located at the centre of Italy, on the border between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, we can easily provide you with the best locations, accommodation and services all over Italy. We pay careful attention to details, deliver a highly personalized service, and have carefully selected our local suppliers. We know that every holiday is about creating a unique experience, suiting your preferred way of travelling. We look very much forward to help you plan the perfect vacation in Italy.

Why book with Us

- Taste and Slow Italy's main concept is researching suitable alternatives to the standard travel packages, improving the client experience, living the authentic Italian style of life. Off-the-most- beaten tourism paths.

- We are recognized as reliable and qualified.

- We'll create a 100% personalised itinerary and travel experience for you.

- Unique experiences at value for money

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