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  • Roberta M.
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"Good trip. The weather put a damper on half of the trip but still saw and experienced much. Beautiful country"
  • Esme Houghton
  • On
4 - Very Good
for Mamma Mia! Best Of Italy
"I enjoyed the tour. It included all major cities and the tour guides were amazing. I wish there were some sort of activities involved like pasta making or something to really do more."
  • Nadine S.
  • On
"Turkey: 5/5 Our experience was made better by our tour guide, Nadir. His knowledge of the country is exceptional. He also ensured that we have the best time (which we did) - he provided us with something to read/watch/listen to during the long bus rides and an option to see a Turkish dance. We also had interesting stops and comfort breaks. His hospitality makes me wish we had him as our tour guide for the entire trip. We saw and experienced so much in a span of 8 days in Turkey. From taking the cruise in Bosphorus to riding the hot air balloon in Cappadocia and seeing the remains of one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world. The only caveat is that we had one hotel in which there was no WiFi and the amenities aren't the best. Some stops didn't have the best food choices. Greece: 4/5 First part of the trip was a cruise around the Greek Islands. The cruise experience was great, however, the stops felt rushed because we didn't purchase excursions from the ship which made us the last ones to leave, giving us a little time to explore. We were not given a heads-up on the cruise experience so we navigated it ourselves. In Athens, the local tour company that was a partner of our agency forgot to pick us up for the half-day city tour. There was a miscommunication in instructions but fortunately, it was resolved, after a few phone calls and being passed around. This made us miss some of the stops before going to the Acropolis. We had so much time in Athens and I felt like the tour wasn't planned well. The trip to Cape Sounion (we have to ask for a partner local tour company) can be done after the half-day city tour in Athens and then we could have a free day. Instead, it was broken down into two days. The people that were assigned to us weren't friendly as well. Despite the issues, it was resolved and the trip went well."
  • Jonathan Cole
  • On
"We like visiting cultural places and both Turkey and Greece are full of cultural places! Our Turkish guide Nadir was very informative, outgoing, kind and a pleasure to be with is. Our Turkish part was fully escorted, while in the Greek islands we were mostly alone on the beach.So I recommend this tour for a good balance between relaxing time on the beach and visiting To do. The overall arrangement was excellent and the experience we had was truly amazing and will never be forgotten"
  • Dyanna S.
  • On
"Thank you for all of your hard work, and to all the behind-the-scenes people in the offices that don't get enough credit for organizing everything. The trip was excellent; guides, hotels. The only thing we loved less was the hotel dinners while there is excellent Turkish food outside."

About Us

Eskapas, aka Let's Escape in Esperanto, is a tour operator specialized in Mediterranean region for active travelers who enjoy a comprehensive guided tour, with a lot of activity and local experiences. Our groups are mid-size to give you a better experience but also to offer a competitive price. We operate in 9 different Mediterranean countries: Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

We are proud to announce that Eskapas is a nominee for 2020, 2021 and 2022, World Travel Awards in Leading Tour Operator category. The World Travel Awards is globally recognized as a highly prestigious honors program in global travel and tourism. The awards are voted for by tourism professionals and consumers worldwide.

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- Mid-size groups with the possibility of customization of the tours,
- Guaranteed departures,
- Official guides,
- First-class/4-star hotels, city-centered and rated more than 4/5 or 8/10
- Specializing in Mediterranean region

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12 days From US$ 2,750 US$ 2,090
10 days From US$ 2,980 US$ 2,265

Italian Discovery

of 2 reviews
10 days From US$ 2,750 US$ 2,612

Mamma Mia! Best Of Italy

of 1 review
8 days From US$ 2,100 US$ 1,995
4 days From US$ 1,050 US$ 997

Paris And Versailles

5 days From US$ 1,240 US$ 1,178