About Us

Andean Path Travel is a Peruvian Travel Company that caters to world´s travelers that want to step off the beaten truck, embrace the unexpected and immerse in the authentic and extraordinary of alive culture of peru, history and nature. Our staff people have the ideal balance of passion, attitude, intuition and high-guality expertise to make and deliver truly unique and unforgettable experience for you, under a fulfilling selection of innovative and off the beaten truck trekking adventures, non-conventional tourism and the most authentic cultural immersion tours. Preserve the local culture & the minimum impact to nature are strong commitments to Andean Path Travel, under the philosophy work of inclusive business and social responsibility.

Why book with Us

At Andean Path Travel, we encourage, support and inspire you to step off the beaten path trekking, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary and authentic of the Andean local Indigenous culture. Our Treks Journeys embrace the authentic and make you travel like a local, sleeping since the comfort iquitment to the intimacy and unique homestay lodging as local transportation to bring you face to face with Perú’s most fascinating ancestral traditions, customs, cuisine and awe-inspiring wildlife.

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