As a child, I would to look up at the stars at night and wonder if other kids were also looking at the same stars. When I got older, I started taking short adventures to the neighboring areas to meet those other kids who were by then teenagers like me. Now I am an adult and I still love to travel and meet people my age to ask if they ever looked at the stars and wondered the same.

I prefer to travel in nature rather than in cities. Nature moves at a pace all its' own and that is something I truly love. Kayaking down one of the many rivers in Laos really helps me connect to the world around me. Trekking up and down the mountains lets me get lost in the trees that are sometimes older than I am! Now that is truly a way to put the time in perspective!

Seng's Travel Expertise

I specialize in tours of all lengths, from multiple-day, long tours to short or classic tours. In terms of activities, I specialize in simple sightseeing and also adventure activities including trekking, kayaking, biking, community-based tourism and motorbike tours.

More specialties of mine include cultural tours, especially in Luang Prabang, and nature tours throughout all of Laos, where visitors can appreciate the beauty of the natural world in this stunning country.

Expert Destinations

Seng's best travel experience

Sometimes people tell me they are scared to travel and that is a feeling I understand very well. The first time I traveled alone I was so scared. But that feeling changed me because I realized it wasn't fear that something bad would happen, it was fear of the unknown, fear that I would somehow change. And I did change! I found out how amazing it is to be alone in a new place where I can just go and do whatever I want. It is something that I love so much and I'm glad I did not let fear stop me. Now I know that if I am afraid, maybe it is not of something scary, just something I don't know.

Why is Seng the right travel expert

You should pick me as your travel expert because I truly love my job. Every day I get to tell people about this amazing country that I come from and help them to also fall in love with it. My goal is to help every person I meet learn just a little more (or a lot more if they give me the time) about Laos. Do you love food? I'm happy to talk about Laotian dishes such as kaiphaen or tell you why Lao papaya salad is the best in the world. Do you love to visit temples? I can tell you what makes each Wat in Luang Prabang unique. Maybe you just want to know the best river spot to sit by to enjoy watching life going by. Well, that is one of my favorite activities at the end of a busy week so I have plenty of opinions.

But, mostly you should pick me because I love Laos and I want you to, too. Khop chai (thank you in Lao) and hope to hear from you soon!