I was born and raised in Iran. I have been traveling in Iran since I was 20 and for the last 3 years, I have been working as a tour guide. In my free time, I love to hike and enjoy the silence and peace in the mountains. I also like visiting Iranian villages and seeking out hospitable locals, especially along the southern coastline, where there are stunning landscapes and islands like Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf.

I studied civil engineering, so I am fascinated by old construction methods and architecture. I like Iranian architecture and following its evolution from the Achaemenid empire, from huge columns and beams and engravings of Persepolis to magnificent domes and tile works of Naqsh-e-Jahan Square – how perfect and how detailed they are.

Mohammadreza's Travel Expertise

My tour guiding experience is in both culture and nature tours. I can also organize and guide a multi-activity tour, which can include, for example, the mountains of Alborz and Zagros to the Lut desert, or the Hyrcanian forests in the north to the Makoran coastline in the south, or from Isfahan and Shiraz to small nomadic villages in the Zagros mountains.

I also specialize in migrating with Iranian nomads, as per the name of our company: Iran Nomad Tours. Joining the nomadic peoples of Iran and seeing and participating in their way of life is a one-of-a-kind experience!

Expert Destinations

Mohammadreza's best travel experience

My best experience as a traveler is also an experience I offer as a tour guide. This is an experience migrating with the Kuch people, nomads of Iran. We started the 7-day trip from Shushtar and we joined a Bakhtiary nomad family for migration. We followed the family for 4 days in the mountains. Although the migrating takes almost 20 days, we joined just for a small part of it. The family carries their house on donkeys and mules and every night they camp somewhere in the mountains, and every morning they pack everything and start the day again. First, the oldest son leaves with the herd and then the rest of the family do the rest of the packing and hit the trail. They walk for like five to six hours nonstop! Every evening the mother of family bakes bread right in front of us. It is one of the best experiences I ever had, eating that hot bread with fresh yogurt made by goats’ milk.

Why is Mohammadreza the right travel expert

I have the knowledge and experience to guide travelers around any destination in my country. I myself love traveling, nature, culture and having adventures. Actually, I can say that in many ways, I won’t be your tour guide but instead, I will be your local friend who knows a lot about Iran. We will go around the country and enjoy it together.