I grew up in Northern Albania in an area which we call the Albanian Alps. This location is part of the reason why I have a deep interest in outdoor activities and adventure tourism. I like to hike and mountain bike in the Alps during the summer, and during the winter I like to snowshoe and ski as well.

I have been working in the tourism sector since 2005 when I joined the travel agency company that my father started in 1976. Under my father’s wings I learned the art of this business. I love the challenge that comes with traveling. There is so much to learn and experience. It also helps me get away from the routine and pushes me to be an active explorer.

I am a friendly and sincere person with lots of local know-how to help you have the best experience possible in this part of the world!

Dorien's Travel Expertise

Being born and raised in Northern Albania has helped me connect better with the locals and I know the local culture in detail. That means that I can mingle very well with locals along the borders of Kosovo and Montenegro with Albania.

The types of tours I have led in these areas include walking, trekking, climbing, cycling, mountain biking, snowshoeing and winter walking.

70% of the tours I have guided until now are in Albania, Northern Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. Knowing many things about these countries has helped me provide travel packages that explore the best of this region.

Expert Destinations

Dorien's best travel experience

Snowshoeing along the border of Kosovo in a very isolated area was a very interesting experience! This is in part because of the wildlife; one day as we were snowshoeing amidst thick fog we spotted fresh tracks of a wolf pack passing near us not so long before. That experience thrilled every one of us in the group. We could see areas where the snow was packed and the wolves lied down to clean their fur. An amazing experience!

Why is Dorien the right travel expert

From my previous experiences as a guide in Albania and Balkans, I can say that what people have profited from the most is my local knowledge, the fact that I know pretty much everyone we meet during the course of a tour and my friendliness, openness and sincerity. In time I have learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to local experiences. So all that cumulative knowledge has resulted in better tours and services we deliver to the clients.