Hello! My name is Dmitry and I am an Estonian with lots of travel experience. I look forward to welcoming you to Estonia and its beautiful capital Tallinn. The most beautiful Old Town in northern Europe and the most successful of all former Soviet republics is waiting for you!

Since childhood, I have always been interested in history. As I grew up, my interest turned into a hobby and then into a profession. I truly believe that the only way to do something well is to love it and put your heart into it. I love my country and its culture, people, and all its history, both good and bad. I love to make connections between the old times and the present-day life, because, would not you agree, that knowing a country is not just about reading a book on the history of the Middle Ages?

I also like jokes and believe that a lot of hidden things can be seen through the humor of the country.

Dmitry's Travel Expertise

I am an expert in tours of all kinds, including city sightseeing, countryside and nature tours, drinks tastings, and food tours. I specialize in tailor-made itineraries, designed just for you. I also specialize in taking travelers to unusual destinations, not just the main tourist spots.

As a lover of history, I belong to the medieval crossbow and longbow shooting clubs, and I do reenactments of the Middle Ages and early Middle Ages. I am also able to arrange master classes in longbow shooting and double-handed axe throwing. I also love nature trails and especially the “bog walks” that Estonia is so famous for.

Expert Destinations

Expert Activities

Dmitry's best travel experience

I have so many special travel experiences that it is hard to choose just one. I have visited around 60 countries, some of them many times. I lived for 8 months in the Canary Islands and have hiked more than 50 of the best nature trails in the world. In Egypt, I spent 2 months traveling around the country by car, exploring its history and meeting wonderful people. I also traveled a lot in Europe by car, I just love visiting small towns and finding those "hidden gems"!

Why is Dmitry the right travel expert

I make a great travel expert because I am an expert on Estonia's culture, places and activities, and I can tailor any kind of tour for you, depending on your interests. From the main must-see highlights on a day trip to Tallinn to a multi-day overview of the whole country.

I also design tours that are fun and educational at the same time. I will choose only the best sites that are certainly worth seeing, or I take you to unique, hidden gems that are to your interest.