My name is Andrés Úlfur and I was born and raised in Iceland, although I have been very fortunate to have traveled a lot and lived abroad for many years throughout my life, experiencing and learning about different countries and cultures in different parts of our planet.

I graduated as a cultural anthropologist from Hunter College in NY, and I have a great passion for nature, people, and local cultures and photography. I am also the founder and owner of a travel company focusing on nature and experiences in Iceland.

I believe that passion and respect for our surroundings are vital in understanding not only our local nature and culture but also in understanding other people's cultures and their perspectives of life; a very important part of all traveling and sharing and enjoying together on our island of fire and ice.

Andrés Úlfur's Travel Expertise

I specialize in Iceland, its culture, and all its unique natural wonders. I love this island and I have been guiding for the past 10 years in the mountains, on glaciers, and on the roads as a mountain/driver, snowmobile guide, and certified glacier guide.

In all these areas and within the island, I have been very fortunate to work with (and am still working with) the best in the field, getting a lot of experience and knowledge that I am now able to share with others including travelers from all over the world.

Andrés Úlfur's best travel experience

I have so many stories to share, but the one I will never forget is when I decided to travel to Ethiopia to take part in the New Years' celebration. I had also planned on staying there for 4 months afterward.

We had some minor travel adventures getting from Iceland to Frankfurt, and we really wanted to be in Ethiopia for the New Year's celebration, which was on the 11th of September, 2001. When we arrived on the day, the airport was empty, customs was empty and no staff to be found. We then saw that everybody was just watching the TV (we still had no idea what had happened) and for a moment we thought that this must be how they celebrate New Year's. When we started watching and saw what had happened, we realized that there would not be any celebration this year.

Why is Andrés Úlfur the right travel expert

I have a great passion for my island, the islanders, and our culture. As a proud Icelander, I strive to make all my tours memorable for the traveler, hoping to share our extraordinary nature, our history, and local culture from all over the island in a way that the traveler gets an amazing experience and window into our way of life, surrounded by nature from the time you arrive and until you depart.