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Travelling Costa Rica – Tours and Trips in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Guide – Travel Insights and Tips!

Travelling to Costa Rica? Top travel insights, ideas and the best Costa Rica travel itineraries, destinations and tours. Get connected with local Costa Rica travel experts!

15 Things to Do in Costa Rica

The eco-tourism hub of Central America, Costa Rica’s sunny climate creates the perfect atmosphere for some of the planet's best gifts – forest fringed beaches... Read more

Playa Conchal: The Shell Beach

Playa Conchal in Costa Rica ranks as one of the country’s finest beaches. Named after the millions of shells that are washed up with the high tide and gradually gro... Read more

Adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is officially the happiest place on earth, according to the Happy Planet Index. To anyone who has been here, this should come as no surprise. With the greatest... Read more

Lake Arenal: A Man-Made Wonder

Picture yourself sitting on horseback, surrounded by lush green rolling hills as you gaze out across a sweeping expanse of languid blue water. In the near distance, you c... Read more

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