Solheimajokull Glacier: Perfect for Ice Climbing

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Solheimajokull may technically be a glacier tongue from the larger Myrdalsjokull glacier, however, it is a popular destination in its own right and is worth a visit during your holiday to Iceland. It travels from the Myrdalsjokull glacier down to the pristine shores of South Iceland. Due to the geography of the area, Solheimajokull is a great way to witness how glaciers are shaped and formed, as well as the effects being wrought on these ice giants by global warming.

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What To Do

  • Glacier Walk

Solheimajokull glacier walk in Iceland
A group of tourists walking on the Solheimajokull glacier

Perhaps the most accessible activity you can do on any glacier, hiking is a fantastic way to get up close and personal with the stunning formations created by these ice beasts. Glacier walking at Solheimajokull is available year round and tours generally take 3 - 4 hours, with 2 hours spent on the ice. Once you step foot on the glacier, you’ll come face to face with ice sculptures, crevasses, water cauldrons, giant rock formations and much more! This is considered an easy to moderate activity. Be sure to wear warm clothes!

  • Ice Climbing

Man climbing Solheimajokull glacier in Iceland
Ice climbing on Solheimajokull glacier

For those wanting to challenge themselves on the ice, why not go vertical? Solheimajokull is the optimal location for learning a new skill due to the fantastic ice walls and sculptures created by this glacier. The level of difficulty of ice climbing can be adapted to the individual participants based on their fitness levels and experience, making this exhilarating experience accessible to all. Expert guides provide all necessary equipment, teaching you to fit it yourself. You will then receive constant instruction while on the ice to ensure you get the most out of your experience while also guarding the safety of the participants. Ice climbing is available year round and can be experienced by persons of 14 years old or over.

There are activities at Solheimajokull available for all age and skill levels, making this a great place to visit with the family. 

How To Get There

Located in the south of Iceland, this glacier is accessible via Route 1 along Iceland’s south shore, and is then served by a typically challenging Icelandic gravel road number 221. It only adds to the fun! After approximately 30 minutes on this road you will arrive at the Solheimajokull cafe and parking area. From Reykjavik, except your total journey by car to take just over 2 hours. Other closeby attractions include the epic Skogafoss waterfall and the Seljavallalaug swimming pool which is fed by hot springs, located close to Seljavellir.

Good to know

It is imperative that you only head onto a glacier with a professional guide and always wear adequate clothing for the conditions.

Solheimajokull unlike other glaciers in Iceland offers activities from the explorative to the extreme! Find out more about which other glaciers are perfect for ice cave tours and glacier tours in Iceland. All the more reason to visit! 

Published by Erik Jensen, updated on May 4, 2021

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