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August in China is part of the peak tourist season and one of the hottest months of the year. Hotel costs can be high, so it helps to plan your trip weeks in advance. Despite rain in some parts, this is an excellent time for hiking in places like Tiger Leaping Gorge, Longji Rice Terraces and Shunan Zhuhai National Park. Tibet is one of the best places to visit in China in August because of its pleasant weather. Admire the skills of the craftswomen behind the famous batik in Matang Gejia village in Guizhou province in August. Or stay in a yurt (a traditional tent) with a family of semi-nomadic herders in Inner Mongolia. Read on to discover what your tour to China this month can look like.

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China Weather in August

View of the roof of Baomo Garden in Guangzhou in China in July.
August is one of the hottest months of the year so make sure you head to cooler destinations such as Lhasa.

Except for high-altitude areas, the weather in China in August is hot almost throughout the country. In Beijing and Shanghai, the humidity adds to the heat. Rainfall is common in many parts. Southern China is in the middle of its monsoon season. Watch out for typhoon alerts in Hong Kong, Macau, and places along the southeast coast. Nighttime temperatures are cooler in Tibet and the northwest. A general idea of weather conditions will come in handy for figuring out what to pack for your trip to China in August. The temperature in Beijing in August ranges from an average high of 30°C (86°F) to an average low of 21°C (70°F). In Lhasa in August, the average high temperature is 21°C (70°F) and the average low is 10°C (50°F). The average high temperature in Guangzhou is 33°C (91°F), while the average low is 25°C (77°F).

Weather in China in August - Rainfall and Temperatures

  Avg Daily (°C/°F) Avg Nightly (°C/°F) Avg Rainfall (mm)
West China (Ürümqi) 29/84 17/62 23
North China (Beijing) 30/86 21/69 160
East China (Shanghai) 32/89 26/78 214
South China (Shenzhen) 32/90 26/79 354

Why Visit China in August

Women in traditional attire during Naadam in China in July.
Activities like horse racing, wrestling, and archery are performed at the Naadam Grassland Festival.
People horse racing in grassland in China.
Nagqu Horse Racing Festival is an annual festival in Nagqu where many herdsmen race the finest horses.

Millions of tourists from around the world plan to spend their holidays in China in August every year. Here are the top reasons why:

  • Festival season: August is lined up with fun-filled festivals such as the Qingdao International Beer Festival, which showcases China’s rich brewing traditions and international beers, and the Hungry Ghost Festival, where families visit temples and leave food offerings for their departed relatives. Other events include the Naadam Grassland Festival in Inner Mongolia, Tibet’s Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, and the Ziyuan Water Lantern and Song Festival in Yiyuan County in Shandong province.
  • Outdoor action: Despite the warm weather, many places are worth traveling to because of their natural beauty. Discover the scenic forests and clear lakes of Jiuzhaigou National Park, trek the Yellow Mountain, cycle in the Guilin countryside, and lose yourself in the grasslands of Gannan.
  • Museum hopping: If you’re looking to beat the heat and discover the best of Chinese culture at the same time, then head to the country’s impressive museums. Top picks include the Imperial Palace Museum and National Museum of China in Beijing, the Terracotta Army Museum in Xi’an, and the Shanghai Museum.

Where to go and what to do

A street in a traditional Chinese village in Yunnan.
Yunnan is a diverse destination in China that houses people from different ethnicities.

Thanks to its altitude of 2000 meters, Yunnan province does not see very high temperatures, making it an attractive destination in China in August. Visit Yunnan’s ‘Stone Forest,’ which is spread across an area of 300 square kilometers and comprises otherworldly stalagmite-shaped pillars that are over 270 million years old. You’ll also find caves, ponds and waterfalls. Enjoy a gorgeous sunset at the Bada rice terrace in Yuanyang. See the centuries-old Three Pagodas, an iconic sight in Dali and a symbol of Yunnan.

Though Xinjiang is hot in August, its mountainous regions are distinctly cooler. See the beautiful Heavenly Lake at the picture-perfect Tianshan Mountain and nearby grasslands. Explore the clifftop city of Jiaohe and visit the oldest Uyghur village, which has a history dating back 1,700 years. Drive on the China-Pakistan Highway, where you’ll see the westernmost point of China and the glacial Karakul Lake.

mighty Yellow River. Drive through the Ruoergai Wetland Nature Reserve and enjoy a magical sunset over the Yellow River. Discover the quaint monasteries of the region, with their golden roofs, white pagodas and prayer wheels. Explore the Lianbaoyeze Scenic Area, hidden between mountains and home to a secret lake. Check out our other mountain tours in China.

Need Help Planning a Trip to China in August?

China is full of outdoor adventures, unique cultural experiences, memorable festivals and beautiful vistas in August. No wonder many tourists visit China this time of the year. Our local travel experts will help you plan a customized trip to China in August according to your budget and interests.

Published by Tim Green, updated on March 22, 2024

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