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From vast, sprawling cities to ancient temples (with delicious food and stunning scenery in between), Asia is one of the most diverse and captivating continents on Earth. With relatively low visiting costs and an ever-expanding tourism infrastructure, Asia is continually growing in popularity as a hot-spot destination for travelers from around the world.

While some Asian countries have many similarities, each has its own unique culture and charm! With so many cities to choose from - whether you’re a nature-lover or are trying to tick off as many temples as you can - it can be hard to decide where in Asia to visit next. From Bangkok to Bhutan and everywhere in between, here are some of the best places to visit in Asia right now in no particular order.


Interesting tour through Bhutan
  • Regina Misovicova
  • From Slovakia
5 - Excellent
“The trip to Bhutan was interesting, strange and surprising in many ways. We needed to...” Read More

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Published by Sofie, updated on April 10, 2024
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