Wide golden beaches, lush mountains, and vertical rocky cliffs hugging the coast, Ireland is a country blessed by nature. And, complementing its natural beauty is the centuries-old art, culture and heritage. From the world-famous Ring of Kerry and Killarney National Park to the majestic Cliffs of Moher, from the bohemian city of Galway to the celebrated city of Dublin and the idyllic countryside of Connemara, this travel guide chronicles the most fascinating travel destinations in Ireland. Planning a trip to Ireland has never been this easy. Start by finding out how many days to spend in Ireland, for do not want to rush your trip in the Emerald of Isle. We recommend that you set aside at least three weeks to explore and enjoy multiple regions of Ireland. But if you can only spare one week in Ireland, focusing your travel in one particular region would be a wise decision. The best time to visit Ireland is between Ireland in March and Ireland in October, when the days are longer and the weather milder.

Top Destinations in Ireland

Discover the highlights of Ireland.

Discover the Buzzing City of Dublin

Discover the Buzzing City of Dublin

The cultural and financial center of Ireland, Dublin is a city overflowing with incredible architecture, monuments and museums. It is also the home of Guinness beer. So, obviously, a trip to Dublin is incomplete without the tour of the Guinness Storehouse, which also happens to be the city’s most popular tourist site. Art, history and culture enthusiasts can check out the many museums and art galleries spread across the city. The National Museum of Ireland, Little Museum of Dublin and EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum are among the most-visited museums. View Tours

Capture Memorable Experiences at Belfast

Capture Memorable Experiences at Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a lively historic city center known for its Victorian architecture, the famous Titanic Quarter, street murals, excellent pubs and beautiful gardens. Taking a Black Cab Tour of Belfast is one of the most popular things to do for visitors in the city. This is not just an average drive-past tour of famous city attractions, but also a trip down the violent political history of Northern Ireland. Belfast Castle, St. George’s Market, Metropolitan Arts Center and Titanic Belfast are some of the top sites to visit in Belfast. View Tours

Explore National Parks in Killarney

Explore National Parks in Killarney

Killarney is a charming little Irish town in southwestern Ireland. It has been enchanting travelers from around the world with its unmatched natural beauty. It is also home to Ireland’s first national park, Killarney National Park, which encompasses over 102 square kilometers of area full of beautiful lakes, woodlands, and extensive flora, fauna and bird populations. This is also the place where the famous Ring of Kerry and the Long Kerry Way tours start and end. If you are into outdoor adventure, then Killarney is the place to visit when taking a trip to Ireland. View Tours

When to visit Ireland

Read the below travel guides to find the best time to visit Ireland.

°C °F
  • Jan Avg Daily: 7 ° C Avg Nightly: 3 ° C
  • Feb Avg Daily: 7 ° C Avg Nightly: 3 ° C
  • Mar Avg Daily: 10 ° C Avg Nightly: 4 ° C
  • Apr Avg Daily: 11 ° C Avg Nightly: 5 ° C
  • May Avg Daily: 15 ° C Avg Nightly: 7 ° C
  • Jun Avg Daily: 17 ° C Avg Nightly: 10 ° C
  • Jul Avg Daily: 19 ° C Avg Nightly: 12 ° C
  • Aug Avg Daily: 19 ° C Avg Nightly: 12 ° C
  • Sep Avg Daily: 17 ° C Avg Nightly: 10 ° C
  • Oct Avg Daily: 13 ° C Avg Nightly: 8 ° C
  • Nov Avg Daily: 10 ° C Avg Nightly: 5 ° C
  • Dec Avg Daily: 8 ° C Avg Nightly: 5 ° C
Best Time to Visit:
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
Best Time To Visit Ireland

Best Time To Visit Ireland

Ireland is a country that is entrenched in the culture, history, and mysticism, and a history enthusiast’s paradise with its stone-based architecture and a melting pot of Irish, Gaelic, and Celtic cultures. The untarnished and unvarnished taste of I ...Read more

Ireland in January: Weather and Local Culture

Ireland in January: Weather and Local Culture

Ireland has plenty to offer for culture vultures, history buffs and hardy hikers. The country’s weather conditions during this time are cold and wet while days are shorter. This could discourage some visitors from looking forward to hiking. However, ...Read more

Ireland in February: No Crowds, Great Deals

Ireland in February: No Crowds, Great Deals

Ireland is cold, wet, and windy in February. It is not surprising then that the country sees very few tourists during this time. But this also means you will practically have the whole country to yourself. While it is true that some parts of Ireland are i ...Read more

Ireland at a Glance

Quick facts about Ireland.


The capital of Ireland or the Republic of Ireland is Dublin, whereas the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.


Ireland covers a land area of 84,421 square kilometers, with a coastline spanning around 7,524 kilometers (4,675 miles).


You can call Ireland from another nation using the Ireland country code 353. After the IDD, call 353 to reach Ireland. International dialing 353 in Ireland is followed by an area code.


The Irish use Euro and the currency code is EUR. But in Northern Ireland, Pound Sterling (GBP) is the official currency. ATMs can be found all over the country, and credit and debit cards are also widely used.


Dublin Airport is the main international airport of Ireland. It is situated in Collinstown, which is 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) south of the town of Swords and 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) north of Dublin. Code: DUB. Closest City: Swords.


Any foreigner who is a national of one of the member countries of the EU and EEA or Switzerland is exempt from passport requirement when traveling to Ireland. Travelers from most other nations require an Irish visa to enter the country. Visitors and tourists are only permitted to stay in Ireland for a maximum of 90 days. So, check your country’s travel advisories before booking your trip.


The official languages of Ireland are English and Irish. You will also come across some citizens speaking French, German and Spanish. Learning a few native words and phrases, however, goes a long way. Start with “Dia Dhuit,” (Hello), a customary greeting and a terrific icebreaker among strangers.


Dial 112 or 999 in case of any emergency. Likewise, 116 will connect you with “Harmonized Services of Social Value”, a free phone service in the EU region.


Ireland is the only country in the world whose flag depicts a musical instrument. Ireland's national emblem is a harp, a symbol of the nation's love for music. Ireland is also the birthplace of Halloween, whose roots can be found in the 2,000-year-old Celtic feast of Samhain. Ireland also does not have native snakes.

How long to stay in Ireland

Read about the ideal duration to stay in Ireland.

Great Ireland Itineraries: How Many Days to Spend?

Great Ireland Itineraries: How Many Days to Spend?

Are you looking for a charming European country with tons of character, friendly hospitality, and lush green countryside? If so, Ireland should be on the top of your bucket list. With stunning highlights like the Cliffs of Moher, historic sites like Blarn ...Read more

One Week in Ireland: Our Recommendations

One Week in Ireland: Our Recommendations

Ireland is the land of rolling green hills, charming old pubs, and a vibrant culture that permeates every corner of this small island country. A trip to Ireland, when planned wisely, allows travelers to see and experience the best the land of the Irish pe ...Read more

10 Days in Ireland: Our Recommendations

10 Days in Ireland: Our Recommendations

Ireland, also called the Emerald Isle, is known for its jaw-dropping landscapes, cobblestone towns, and lively culture that has seeped into every alleyway and pub in this gorgeous country. With plenty of sights to take your breath away and more than a han ...Read more

FAQs for Ireland

Read the most frequently asked questions and answer about traveling to Ireland below.

  • What is the currency in Ireland? Do they accept American dollars?
  • Is Ireland safe to travel to?
  • When is the best time to visit Ireland?
  • What to pack for trip to Ireland?

Sustainable Travel – How to travel through Ireland responsibly

In line with Bookmundi's vision, we wish to provide our travelers with a sustainable travel experience through Ireland. As part of this effort, we carbon offset any Ireland tour that you purchase through us. You can read more details about our carbon offsetting program.

Here's what you can do to travel to Ireland more responsibly:

  • Carbon-offset your transport to Ireland via Dublin Airport. The moment your tour starts in Ireland, and if you have purchased your tour through Bookmundi, we will carbon-offset your tour from its starting point to its ending point.
  • You can also donate a small sum to An Taisce - The National Trust For Ireland, a reputed NGO in the country with a mission to protect natural and man-made heritage.
  • To travel responsibly in Ireland, look for environmentally responsible and sustainable lodging options. Instead of helicopter rides and motor boating, you can try out eco-friendly activities like surfing, hiking, and cycling.
  • While in Ireland, you can ride with Dublin Bus, a state-owned bus company committed to lowering carbon emissions through its low-emission fleet and investments in electric and hybrid transports.

Ireland Travel Tips and Insights

  • The weather in Ireland has a reputation for being erratic. So, dress in layers and keep a raincoat or a travel umbrella with you at all times.
  • Wearing a swim cap is mandatory if you want to enter a public or hotel pool. This applies to even toddlers.
  • Consuming liquor in public places is strictly prohibited in Ireland. You can be fined or even jailed if you are caught drinking in public.
  • Ireland drives on the left-hand side of the road.
  • The tap water in Ireland's cities is generally safe to drink.

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