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  • Anonymous
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for Explore Ifugao Villages
"The price was too high for the quality of the accommodations. (Must have a great profit margin!) I saw hotel signage indicating that better accommodations were available, but they put me in the cheaper rooms. They also substitued a much worse hotel in El Nido vs what they'd originally told me. (Conversely, I had a better hotel than promised in Bohol.) But the El Nido hotel had an abysmal booking.com rating of 6.9. And the Sagada hotel was the worst lodging I'd ever stayed at.

Some of their info about airport transfers in Manila was incorrect or incomplete. Thankfully I found folks at the airport and hotel to direct me. A couple of the hotel transfers that they'd arranged were quite tardy.

They chose guides who were knowledgeable, congenial and easy to understand.

Although they tell a client what flights to take, reserving the flights within the Philippines was the client's responsibility. With my itinerary, that meant 5 internal flights.

They need more attention to the scheduling of the Ifugao Villages. Had they scheduled the Sagada part of the itinerary ahead of the Banaue visit, I wouldn't have had to leave at 1:50 am for the Manila flight. (Made for a horrendously long day for the driver/guide as well.)

With more knowledge about the country, I would've used Uncharted Earth for just the Ifugao villages and made my own arrangements for the rest of the time."

About Us

We are the adventure travel experts for uncommon places, pioneering tours to unique destinations in the Philippines and Colombia and providing our guests with exceptional experiences since 2011.

We believe that true adventure can be had only if you are far away from crowds, familiar things, and your comfort zone. We are serious about taking our guests on extraordinary trips, and we do that by going to lesser known destinations – places that even most locals don't know about. Unspoiled by mass tourism, the raw beauty of these places is awe-inspiring, and the emotions that they inspire can be life-changing. We also go to some classic destinations, but we experience them in a more authentic and in-depth fashion than most tourists do. For example, instead of simply looking at the famous Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines from a view deck like most people, we hike into the mountains, walk amidst the rice paddies and spend nights in the villages of the Ifugao, the indigenous people who made them. By exploring new destinations and embracing unique adventures, we let people discover the best of a country, and often, the best in themselves.

We also believe that nature is best appreciated by engaging it physically and that a perfect vacation is one that is jam-packed with activity. In other words, we enjoy tiring people out. We appreciate rest and relaxation as much the next person, but with so much to see and experience in the world, it's against our principles to let our guests spend a lot of time lazing around. We've dedicated ourselves to showing our guests as much of a country's best as their time will allow. Tired faces with big smiles are our typical indicators of a successful trip.

Finally, we believe that the best people to show you a place are those who live there. True adventure involves the unknown and unexpected, but you want to travel with people who are intimately familiar with a destination. We focus on only a few countries, and these are the countries that we call home. Our head office for Sales and Marketing is in the United States, but we are operationally based in each of our destination countries, and all of our trip leaders are locals. That's why we're the experts in our chosen destinations. What's uncharted to everyone else is home to us.

We go to great lengths to show our guests the best that this magnificent planet has to offer. Come travel with us and let us show you your Uncharted Earth.

Why book with Us

Low profile, low impact, local, authentic. We believe this is the best way to travel and the best way to give our guests an exceptional experience. The places that we go to are special and we want to preserve their nature and local culture as best we can. Bringing a busload of thirty people, with sixty feet stomping on small trails during the day and thirty mouths chatting and deafening the local village at night is definitely NOT how we roll. We leave no trace on the places that we visit; it's the places that leave a trace on us.

We travel in very small groups – most often 3 including the trip leader. Our maximum for group tours is 7, and we often do one-on-one trips with solo travelers. Occasionally, upon request, we take private groups of 10 to 15 to places where that number of people won't disrupt the natural order of things.

We travel incognito. You'll never see us riding a vehicle with an Uncharted Earth logo or wearing Uncharted Earth t-shirts during a trip. Our trip leaders have tons of knowledge to share, but they will tell you everything in a natural and conversational way, not like a speaker in front of an audience. We try to blend in everywhere we go and make an effort not to look like tourists. Of course, some places that we go to get so few visitors that it's impossible not to attract attention, but we are friends with the locals and are treated as guests.

We use whatever local transport is available. This means using public transport much of the time and riding interesting vehicles such as jeepneys and outrigger boats in the Philippines and chivas and dugout canoes in Colombia. Some places we go to have no public transport so we charter small private vehicles. We never use tour buses.

We stay in rustic, in-nature accommodations as much as possible. We go out of our way to find pristine places, so we want to stay in inns and lodges that respect their surroundings. We value atmosphere over amenities and think showering with cold water is a small price to pay for a spectacular view. On our fanciest trips, we sleep in a tent, a villager's hut, or a hammock under the stars.

Whenever possible and if our guests are so inclined, we join the locals in their day-to-day activities. This means trying our hand at pounding rice or attending a local wedding where the whole village is invited. We like giving people a feel for the local life and our participation is always appreciated.

We strive to give our guests authentic, non-touristy adventures. If you've never vacationed this way before, give it a try. You'll probably never want to travel any other way again.

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