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  • Louise Lucille Hamilton
  • From Canada
  • On
4 - Very Good
"Very Good"
  • Madeleine
  • On
4 - Very Good
"Our journey went really well, the damage to the Encantada was repaired on the evening of the second day, so we were able to resume our itinerary from Leon Dormido, and especially see Espanola!

You have organized us very, very well throughout our stay: Santa Cruz, Isabela, the cruise, safari camp, San Cristobal, we enjoyed all the places and hotels, each with a very special character, and we didn't get bored for a single minute!

If you want us to fill out a feedback form or something, we'd love to, we have nothing but praise for everything!

In any case, a big thank you for this great organization! The flights, for example, were really worth it, both for the folklore and the landscapes.

We found the people of the Galapagos very pleasant, all the world is still very helpful and smiling!"
  • Anonymous
  • On
5 - Excellent
"Many thanks for the organization of the trip and the choice of hotels, they participated in the unforgettable atmosphere.

Thank you for our meeting with Carlos, who was also unforgettable.
In the Amazon, the lodge La Selva was perfect. It is not a luxury to choose a private guide, it is essential for understanding and adapting to the interests of each person. Wildlife is more easily observed in small groups.
In Sierra, congratulations to Carlos, all his proposals, after consultations and reflections, delighted us.
In Galapagos, the hotels are great.

Thank you for the bottle of wine, and the information on the Isabella - Baltra flight: it is thanks to your email that we knew the time of takeoff.

Congratulations again, for the suggestion of returning by plane: the view of the Galapagos from above is fantastic."
  • Jean Pierre and Monique
  • On
4.5 - Excellent
"Our trip went very well, well organized with generally nice accommodation, but probably also because we had really passionate guides who shared with us their enthusiasm for pre-Incan cultures, which we had come to look for.

Thank you again for all the preparation and see you soon."

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Terra Andina Ecuador is a travel agency based in Ecuador since 2010.

Our team is specialized in tailor-made travel, adventure tourism and "off the beaten track" in Ecuador; our vocation is to travel tirelessly throughout the country to offer you the most relevant tours, and to share with you, our passion for Ecuador through cultural visits (14 indigenous nationalities), discovery holidays, a stay of well-being, gastronomy around the famous Ecuadorian chocolate or roses, treks on the avenue of volcanoes in the Andes, rafting or kayaking in the Amazon, hikes or ascents in the high mountains, stays and cruises to the mythical Galapagos or an immersion in Amazonia, etc.

We care about the impact of our activities on the environment and biodiversity, and the treatment towards our employees and suppliers. The quality of the services we provide you, as well as, your safety are our top priorities.

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Our tourism policy ensures that our field staff and the local communities we work with are fully motivated. In addition, we contribute towards obtaining and managing the funding to support certain communities that offer beneficial and responsible tourism to their members.

Professional requests, excluding weekends, are processed within 24 hours (except in exceptional cases) by a multilingual person with in-depth knowledge of costs, sites and operations.

Our websites are constantly updated and contain most of the tours we offer. Our agencies are in constant contact with each other and with our partners (via MSN Messenger, Skype, etc).

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