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  • Mark
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for Best of Romania in 10 days
"We planned this trip in detail, especially in these times and with all the changes from travel conditions. Before booking, we contacted Nico, who answered our long list of questions and gave us updates about the Covid situation in Romania."
  • Clara Navarro
  • From USA
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"The company was disorganized. We were booked into a different trip than the one we paid for, taken to a hotel we did not have a reservation at, and had our schedule changed several times while on the trip. Poor communication was rampant throughout the trip. We were also disappointed to learn our guide was not vaccinated, especially given we were not informed of this until already on the trip with him. The trip was a good idea in theory, but poorly executed and overpriced."
  • Anonymous
  • From Croatia
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"Good communication"
  • Jorge Turbay
  • From USA
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"Well organized and caring staff."

About Us

We are a Romanian travel agency based in Iași and Bucharest, and our main goal is to showcase the country in its purest form.

Our experiences are designed to help you discover the culture, people, and places of this absolutely fascinating country, oftentimes called the hidden treasure of Eastern Europe.

And with the majestic sights provided by the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube River, or the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it’s no wonder that people say Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe.

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Classic Romania Tour

8 days From US$ 1,672

Best of Romania in 10 days

of 1 review
10 days From US$ 2,041

Transylvania Castle tour in four days from Bucharest

of 2 reviews
4 days From US$ 841
7 days From US$ 1,630
6 days From US$ 1,093

Danube Delta Safari 3 nights

4 days From US$ 1,137