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  • Ivan
  • From India
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"We had an amazing sightseeing experience on our Abu Dhabi tour, thanks to Rayna travels. They know their business very well and are effortless with the nuances of the place. Fortunate to have a knowledgeable guide with us throughout. Highly recommend the trip."
  • Naman Modi
  • On
1 - Very poor
for Miracle Garden with Transfers from Dubai
"I had one of the worst experiences with Thrillophilia & Rayna Tours. Their support is one of the worst I have ever seen and there won't be a single person who will attend your call during the trip.
I have booked 7 days tour with Thrillophilia and they hired Rayna tours to plan my whole land package. On the first day, they missed my first private tour to Ain Dubai. They kept me waiting for the whole evening and spoiled the first day of my trip. During the whole conversation, they didn't pick up my call and kept on tagging different people on WhatsApp group. Eventually, they canceled the trip and told me to plan it some other day. Reason they gave is that they were not aware of my flight timings. Refer the screenshots for proofs. 

Then I have private pickup planned from Atlantis at 7:30 PM. They missed that and kept me waiting outside for 1 hour. Eventually, I have to take a private taxi to reach my location. For that, they promised to refund but till date their no response from them. Again they are tagging one person or the other during the whole conversation. But not even a single person is taking the responsibility for that. This was the worst experience I ever had. Check the attached screenshots.
For my last day, I have a private transfer to Miracle Garden. I requested them to drop me at Dubai Expo which is in the middle but they refused and started asking for extra charges for the same. Again I have to arrange a private transfer for the same and they didn't cooperate at all. 

Honestly, their entire support is pathetic and they will simply spoil your trip doesn't matter how much you have paid them. I would suggest never to opt services from this company in future. ALL OTHER REVIEWS ARE FAKE SO DONT TRUST THEM.

Its been 2 months I'm requesting them to refund me for the money I have paid for private taxi's but they have started tagging again. No-one is responding on this matter also. Refer screenshots."
  • Anonymous
  • From England
  • On
*** Warning from a British consultant Doctor
A Very dangerous company, putting passengers life at risk deliberately ,
very different experience from normal Speed boat but this was a life threatening experience!
The boat ‘s diver went inside the sea with very bad weather conditions and very high waves very fast without slowing the boat as I requested few times and I was going to fall!
Also, no safety measures as seat belts !
No transparency from
the company but lies and twisting facts, I asked for escalation but they didn’t escalate my complaint ! PLEASE AVOID FOR YOUR SAFETY AND LIFE .

I am a British NHS Doctor was Visting Dubai for my birthday which was on 7/12.
I booked the boat on my birthday 7/12 to see Dubai attractions.
Unfortunately, the experience I had was very dangerous and life threatening ..
I took the boat departing from Marina Walk at 5 pm on 7/12/20 .I met  the driver   , and introduced myself and told him that it’s my birthday and I hope I have a nice tour with him .I asked him where to sit for better view . He advised that there is a better view on the front of the boat but it might be a bit bumpy .I told him that my birthday is today .
I sat on the front .The weather was very bad and there were lot of waves .He drove very fast and I was gonna fall .I asked him to slow  down and he did .
I asked him and his colleague to slow down and I told them that I am visiting Dubai to celebrate my birthday , not to die in the boat . They laughed .
Then literally 1 min after ,he   went very very fast again !! 
I point with my hands and shouted to them to slow down but I saw the driver’s assistant looking at me smiling and didn’t reposed !!!!
I asked again and finally after few minutes , he stopped the boat !!
 He asked me whether I would like to move to another  seat .
I was shocked and asked him why he went fast again, the driver claimed that it was impostant otherwise the boat will be floating .
I have replied that he could have told me to move my seat first especially that I asked them to slow down !
Also , I have raised my hands and shouted few times that I am in danger !
He replied that he didn’t see me !! 
What happened was very dangerous and criminal as his assistant saw me asking more than once to stop and he saw me struggling but he  ignored that  and put my life at risk deliberately !
I am very astonished that your staff act in such a criminal way putting passengers lives in danger .
The assistant saw me and was smiling and didn’t  respond or inform the driver and left me in danger for few minutes !!
The driver claimed that he didn’t see me and apologized but on the other hand , I asked him to go slowly but after just 1 min, he went again  very fast while even if he needs to , he could  have asked me to change the seat or gave me the option to return back due to wether condition and ensue passengers safety
I contacted the company by e-mail immediately after the incident but no response for almost three weeks and I had to call them when I returned back to London .
They reply was defensive and twisting facts and saying lies about presence of seat belts which was not the case at all!!
Although they apologized and offered refund but I felt that I have to warn other tourists not to risk their lives or at least put themselves in danger and book with another company who cares about customers safety and acts with transparency and integrity ."
  • Paramjit Bains
  • From USA
  • On
4 - Very Good
for Miracle Garden with Transfers from Dubai
  • Andrei Diaconescu
  • From Romania
  • On
5 - Excellent
for City Tour of Dubai With Burj Khalifa 124th Floor

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