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  • Christian
  • From USA
  • On
5 - Excellent
for Cruise Croatia: Dubrovnik to Split via Zadar
"Wonderful trip/cruise along the coast of Croatia, which is a must-visit. I thought Croatia's infrastructure was behind before visiting but was surprised as to how developed the nation is.

The duration, timings etc. was appropriate and our guide was great!"
  • Matthew Edwards
  • From Australia
  • On
5 - Excellent
for Yangzi & Beyond
"Overnight train is a second-hand smoking ordeal to be missed and replaced by a fast train, although the toilets we were warned about were cleaned regularly all night by a saintly smiling lady. Don’t take valuable penknives or folding tools eg leatherman as the x ray scanners at the train stations can be strict unless there is a press of people behind which luckily saved my sentimentally valuable tools I am used to carrying in my checked-in bag on airplanes. I’d happily pay extra for the extra hours (including sleep) afforded by the well organized smooth comfortable bullet trains. One of the days in Yangshuo could be replaced by an extra one in Xian to allow free walking/bar/reading/people watching time. Accommodation: most hotels were tired and old, safes and fridges essential but missing or not functioning much of the time. Beds were comfortable and linen clean, plumbing blocked or least smelly and intolerant of toilet paper. Hit rate for travelers diarrhea 30-40%. Don’t eat food picked at by others’ spoons or chopsticks, get vaccinated against typhoid and cholera and hepatitis, take gastrolyte loperamide, azithromcycin or cip rofloxacin which a couple might need more than once in the 2-3 weeks. Peter organized nice cheap quick laundry service in Xian and Yangshuo. The boat trip was excellent, the river and gorges stupendous. Even minor cities had light shows that put Sydney’s short Vivid show in perspective. A cabin upgrade was offered but it was unnecessary. Ours was great as it was. Dining room upgrade was good but the free associated alcohol was only available while the dining room was open. We missed the boat lift at the end of the dam tour due to lack of time available to get to the overnight train, but still got to see enough of it on the general walking tour of the dam lookouts. Shanghai was an amazing comfortable wonderful place. Peter our guide was so patient friendly and caring. A real asset to be treasured by the company."
  • William
  • From USA
  • On
5 - Excellent
for Best of Spain & Portugal
"Great to visit Southern Europe. Portugal and Spain are spectacular countries to visit. This group tour certainly did not disappoint. Great itinerary. Great guide and accommodations."
  • Ali
  • From Canada
  • On
5 - Excellent
for Java & Bali Explorer
"Bali was busy but great. Java was different and great! Had such a good time, with such a good group of people. Everything was organised to perfection by our guide. Accommodation was good. Well done."
  • Eileen Hall
  • From UK
  • On
4 - Very Good
for A Week on the Camino (self-guided)
"Airport pick-up and transfer of luggage between hotels was very efficient. Printed information handed out was poor and sometimes inaccurate - for example, in one day's description "Today's stage ends here" referred to different accommodation - ours was in fact two miles earlier! Luckily we happened to see it when passing it - otherwise an additional two miles back (when already exhausted after a day's walking) would have been dreadful! The booklet really should say something like "Please note that the accommodation location described, and shown on the map, might not relate to YOUR accommodation, so please pay particular attention to this at the end of each day's walk"."

About Us

Our name stems from the word 'Peregrinate’, meaning to migrate, walk or take a pilgrimage – very fitting for our beginnings as a trekking company. Since our inception, we've broadened our horizons and now offer small group journeys in over 80 countries across all seven continents, which can be enjoyed by anyone with an inquiring mind who enjoys getting off the beaten track (without forgoing some of the comforts of home).

One thing we’ve learned at Peregrine – you never outgrow adventure. The spirit that drives you to get out there and see the world.

Not through a coach window or with 50 strangers wearing headsets, not with a personal butler or a big buffet breakfast – but intimately, authentically, memorably.

Why book with Us

We are a company built by travelers for travelers. Take a walk around our offices and you’ll see the empty desks of people out on trips, or hear people swapping stories about a place they have just visited. Land at your destination and discover your tour leader is local to the region.

Wherever you travel with us we’ll take you to the major highlights as well as along the route less taken. This gets you closer to the local people and the culture you came to discover. We promise to share our knowledge and expertise with you, and ensure you will come home with stories you will tell for years to come.

At Peregrine we’re for premium adventures, and for us that means embracing the spirit of adventure through a more immersive cultural journey. Hand-picked accommodation, small groups, award-winning local guides, added inclusions and a more considered pace. Premium means an exceptional experience, but never an artificial one.

Yes, adventure still exists. It’s still out there. It just got a whole lot easier to find.

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