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  • Sonia Houston Pichardo
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for Albania | Tour & Beach Stay - 11 Days
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for Albania, North Macedonia & Kosovo - 10 Days

About Us

Our team started as a group of talented friends and travel companions who wanted to show the world how special and entertaining Albania is. We all share the same passion: showing people places where we had so much fun, ate the best food and gazed at the beautiful sceneries. All of us firmly believe that traveling is about people, not only places. We focus on local tourism to offer travelers a personalized experience and connection.

We actively explore different parts of the Balkans ourselves, getting tips and hints from locals, to provide well-organised, original and fun tours. We will share and explain in detail everything that has been planned and the reason behind. We are fluent in English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Planning the best travel experiences from start to finish is what our team is specifically trained to do. We’ll help you find the perfect tour, assist you to customize it with excursions that fit your travel style and even share tips for packing and pre-trip preparation.

Each time we craft a new itinerary, our Operations Team visits each place to find the best experiences. We meet with restaurant owners, test out hotels, sip samples at local wineries, follow scenic paths for future walking tours and more. Everything to ensure that each moment of your tour meets our standard of exceptional quality.

Why book with Us

We care. Our main goal is for you to enjoy your stay. In our small, private tours we will share with you all that is to know about our region, surely emphasising the best of it but also saying it as it is.

We always focus on good food and good people!

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