Top Destinations for Toddlers

Beach huts in Whitstaple in England

Parents with young children, this one’s for you! Traveling with toddlers is certainly not easy, but choose the right destination, and it becomes a lot of fun – not just for you, for the little ones as well. Many parents end up postponing major travel plans, but the best time to travel with your kids is when they’re still kids.

The advent of modern technology and the growth witnessed by the travel industry has also made it easier for parents to travel with their young kids. All sorts of kid-friendly destinations have come into the limelight, right from fairytale castles and dreamy theme parks to exotic beaches and family-friendly museums. Today, we introduce you to some of the top destinations for toddlers, destinations that offer an experience of a lifetime.

Top Toddler Destination: Kent, England (above image)

Another major surprise. We’re giving London a miss. Sure, it’s one of the most iconic cities on the planet, and you’d be foolish not to spend a few days there, but Kent truly acts as the showstopper of your itinerary while in England. Kids fall in love with those princely fishermen huts in Whitstable that seem to be a royal version of a place that is strictly forbidden back home – dad’s garden shed. What makes them even more special is that each “shed” comes with a kitchenette, bedrooms and doors that open right onto the beach. The area is perfect for tricycling, toddling (or whatever it is that tots do) and cycling, and everything is just a few steps away. Foodies alert! Kent also serves up some of the best oysters in England. Still need a reason to visit??

Top Toddler Destination: Olympic National Park, USA

Olympic America National Park in the US

A national park is one of the best ways to instill love for mother nature in your young ones. Your tots are most likely to stay wide-eyed throughout the journey as you introduce them to clear blue skies, gigantic trees, exotic animals and green open spaces – all things that are best seen from a child carrier or a stroller. The Olympic National Park is one of the coolest options for parents with toddlers for it amazes mamas and babies alike. Both fall in love with those coastal tide pools, tropical rainforests, and fascinating mountain vistas. The presence of three unique ecosystems also means that there are so many things to discover. And there are several stroller-friendly trails to choose from as well. Make sure that you visit the Sol Duc Hot Springs, for there is no better way to care for your skin than to spend some time in its toasty mineral waters. Your kids will also fall in love with the place because of things like tiny fish and sea stars in tide pools, glow worms after sunset, interactive touch tables in the visitor center and fleeting views of salamanders.

Top Toddler Destination: Walt Disney World Resort, USA

This Magic Kingdom truly exudes magic at every step. It is the undisputed star attraction in Disney’s 47 sq. mile empire, and is the perfect place to bring out that child in you. With so much to see and explore, you won’t ever get tired of the place either. This Disney extravaganza is one of the best ways of introducing your kids to the magical world of theme parks and letting them meet and greet their favorite Disney characters.

Top Toddler Destination: Ile de Re, France

Surprised to see us giving Paris a miss? While Paris is a great destination for any holiday, we recommend that you wait until your kids are at least 6 years old before planning a proper Paris holiday. Sure you could visit the city while you’re visiting France, but Ile de Re has so much more if you’re traveling with toddlers. The Les Amis de la Plage is perhaps one of the best places to camp out with your young ones. It is clean and beautiful and it also has child-sized sinks and toilets and a baby changing area. The beach itself is also known to be toddler-friendly. The low tide makes it the perfect place for your kids to play in and there’s a decent enough surf during high tide to keep you entertained as well. We recommend a sunset strong in Saint-Martin-de-Ré and dark chocolate ice cream at the La Martinière for dinner. They say that many things work best in pairs, and this is perhaps one of the most unusual-yet-amazing pairings that you’ll come across in France.

Top Toddler Destination: Disney Cruise Line

It would be unfair to call Disney cruises a destination, but it would feel like a crime to leave them out from this list. If you have infants or toddlers with you, this is perhaps the perfect place for the entire family. The cruise boasts of having the best child care program and is full of toys, books and baby swings to keep them entertained for days. The experience itself is absolutely phenomenal. The line manages to offer a perfect balance between classic and modern, and it is designed to make you feel completely at ease. Disney-inspired entertainment, extra-large family rooms, separate adult pools, the list could go on and on. Better yet, you could easily combine a 4-night cruise with a Disney hotel and theme park package to create a special weeklong Disney adventure for your young ones.

Top Toddler Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen for Toddlers in Denmark

Beautiful buildings, castles that perhaps inspired many a fairy tale, mind-numbing landscapes, a fascinating culture… these are just some of the things that Copenhagen holds in store for you. Considered to be one of the top European destinations to visit with your kids, Copenhagen is also home to two of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Once the mamas and babies shriek their way through the amusement parks, 20000 odd sea creatures are waiting for your attention at the Blue Planet, the largest aquarium of Denmark. Other attractions include a zoo, a children’s museum, one of the largest open-air museums on the planet and a science center. Copenhagen is nothing if not huge, and it can often feel daunting, but it’s so well organized and properly laid out that your little ones can actually roam free.

What’s your fave toddler destination? Would you prefer visiting one of those miniature-city-lookalikes (aka kid-friendly resorts) and their enclosed comforts or would you prefer a child-friendly destination and its spread out attractions? Do let us know using the comments below.

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