I am originally from Belgium and I love nature — especially the natural environment of Sweden. I spent many years in the heart of Swedish nature learning all the details about the environment, culture, and wildlife of the region and beyond, before I decided to share my passion with the world. I also love communicating with people. So, what I do now is the combination of the two.

I traveled around the world for 5 years with only my backpack and tent. After this long and life-changing journey, I knew what I wanted was to share with people. I decided to settle back in Europe and Sweden was my first choice because of its seemingly endless wilderness. I have since then been traveling through the country, discovering its entire nature and culture from north to south.

In 2016, I founded a travel company to share my love for nature, Swedish culture, and the wilderness in its purest state.

William's Travel Expertise

I specialize in adventure, culture, and nature experiences that focus on 2 regions in Sweden: Stockholm and Kiruna. I also specialize in survival courses and have worked as an instructor, with expertise in Swedish winter conditions both in Stockholm and in the Swedish Lapland region located up north.

I have expertise in guiding mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and wildlife safari experiences in Stockholm. I trust myself in planning the best experience for my guests. Depending on individual travelers' pace and curiosity, tours can vary from easy discovery day hikes to hardcore trekking in winter, from kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago to two weeks survival course in total wilderness, and from hunting the northern lights to a seven-day hiking expedition in complete autonomy in remote Padjelanta National Park!

Expert Destinations

William's best travel experience

As I mentioned, I am originally from Belgium, but for 5 years I traveled around the world with only my backpack and tent. When I left, I didn’t really know why, I just wanted to explore and discover. I decided to go and suddenly I was gone, with just a backpack and a tent. I didn't know that I’d eventually ditch the tent to sleep in shelters I’d built in nature!

As the weeks went by, the experience brought me deeper into nature, learning more and more about what the environment had to offer, feeling the connection to it, and actually understanding that I didn’t need a grocery store to find food, everything was there for me to use. As months went by, then years, I collected enough knowledge and skills to allow me to survive or actually live off-grid. I acquired all the needed skills to survive in the deepest jungles and the coldest winters.

Why is William the right travel expert

I am an expert at what I do and can quickly understand what a person dreams of spending time with when they contact me to arrange their dream experience. I know a lot of the regions and have gone deep to learn every detail. Maybe most importantly, I absolutely love what I do and I am sure guests can feel this energy after they join us!

Together with my team and through different tour offerings, I bring people together and help them discover the stunning landscapes and nature that Sweden has to offer.