My name is Valdis, I was born in Riga, Latvia. My first travel experiences were with my friends, going out of the city and finding adventure in other villages and towns. Soon I was off on several backpacking and hiking trips in different parts of the world. And I fell in love with hummus while I was traveling in the Middle East— now I can't imagine my fridge without hummus. For me, traveling is about opening up to the world, discovering new horizons, and seeing people from different countries and cultures. Like discovering hummus changed my life, I believe that traveling can change people's lives.

After 7 years of experience in planning, leading, and guiding tours in the Baltic countries I decided to share my passion for adventures and create trips that inspire feeling, knowledge, and understanding. The concept came from my time abroad and what I liked to do in my own travels. When I plan trips for travellers, I think about how the program would fit. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking and I can help you to find the best trails.

On my travels, I also discovered that I like to talk about traveling and making travel plans. So it would make me happy to share with you my travel ideas and build a travel plan for your trip. Let's discover Latvia together.

Valdis's Travel Expertise

I specialize in planning culture and adventure tours. Do you want to learn about traditional cooking like smoking fish, riding a bicycle through the countryside, visiting a local farm, and tasting homemade food? Take a morning wander through historical sites or have an afternoon a herbal-tea workshop? Or even go canoeing during the night? I specialize in the most popular places but also know the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track experiences.

I also have expertise in custom travel design. I know how to make a travel itinerary so you have the best experience and can tailor your trip plan to your needs and wants. Select specific activities, charming hotels, elegant restaurants, and fascinating sights. In dialogue with you, I will design a trip you are looking for!

Expert Destinations

Valdis's best travel experience

Hiking 1000km across the Israel National Trail has been so far the most unique traveling experience I have done. The hike in Israel was a crazy experience; the culture and nature were so impressive. This was a travel experience that I would repeat anytime. Adventures happened every day on this long-distance hike, so after this trip, I have so many stories to share with my friends.

Why is Valdis the right travel expert

Riga is my home, but I have also been backpacking and hiking in different parts of the world, so I know what travellers want and how to help them. I also like to talk about my city and the region’s history, culture, and nature, which is why I started to guide people in the first place. Talking about the local culture, traditions, and sights makes me happy and it would be great to share with you my travel ideas and trip plans so you can discover the Baltic States.