Hello, I'm Stefan. I was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia, and from a young age, traveling and exploring new destinations had been an interest and hobby of mine. Ever since I can remember, I loved travelling, and because of that, I attended both high school and university for tourism with the goal of making it my career. The first job I ever had was as a tour guide in one of the biggest travel agencies in Macedonia.

Just the idea of people travelling to and visiting my country and discovering its hidden beauty inspires me to continue with what I do. Macedonia is still a relatively undiscovered, new country in the tourism market, and it has such high potential, which is why I love promoting the country and its beauty.

Stefan's Travel Expertise

As a native of Macedonia who was always interested in tourism and has been working in the sector for many years, I like to think that I am introducing Macedonia and its hidden beauty to the world market. I want to show travellers that Macedonia as a place worth visiting at least once in their lifetime.

I specialize in both private and small group tours, delivering unique experiences that tourists will have in my country. I have many specialities, from tailormade tours in Macedonia and its surrounding Balkan countries to simple but unique wine tours in some of the most famous wineries in Macedonia.

Expert Destinations

Stefan's best travel experience

In my 20 years working in tourism, there have been many travel experiences! But, if I had to pick one as the best or most unique experience I've had, it would probably be when I had the chance to visit the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos.

This unique orthodox state is a mountain and peninsula in northern Greece. Visiting is still not allowed for ordinary tourists, so I had to apply for a special permit a long time in advance. The only way to reach there was by a 2-hour boat ride from Ouranoupolis Harbor to the harbour of Mount Athos. With its twenty-four orthodox monasteries, monastic community and the life the monks there live, it is an amazing experience to visit this place.

Transport inside this small “state” is only allowed by foot, so I walked from one monastery to another through the unique and untouched natural environment. I slept in the monastery dormitory rooms and had to respect the modest way of life of the monks and their habits. In the morning, I was expected to participate in the morning liturgy (which starts at 3 am!) and after that, I was invited to join monks in their simple breakfast.

Why is Stefan the right travel expert

I am a veteran for incoming tourism in Macedonia and have more than 20 years’ experience in the travel industry. My qualifications and professionalism, as well as experience working with a diverse market, give me the right to guarantee that my clients will have a unique and exclusive experience visiting this region. Of course, I also have the help of my company and its wonderful employees!