I grew up in a very isolated area in the south of Italy. But my soul was not made for the safe atmosphere of the local community, and when it was time for me to go to university, I choose a school in the charming city of Turin, in the opposite corner of the country. Since then, I have been on a series of adventures related to my studies, projects or work, that have taken me to Rome, Paris, Brussels, London, Glasgow, Sousse, and then back to the South of Italy (Puglia).

I studied political science and public policies in school, but moving from place to place and making friends across the world naturally led me to freelance in the travel sector. This has been my main activity for the last five years. I love traveling alone, tasting new flavors, meeting new people on the road, learning local tips, and reading novels from authors based in the lands I visit. Recently, I developed a special passion for Mediterranean countries.

My other hobbies are hiking, painting, and drawing (especially portraits and still nature).

Federica's Travel Expertise

I can help design any trip that focuses on activities in Europe, especially across Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Portugal and Andalusia, or eastern Mediterranean countries such as Turkey and Jordan, or northern African countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt. I am an expert in cultural experiences and can also plan adventures like nature walks, hiking and trekking, wine tasting tours, and more. I am able to provide tips that allow travelers to have unique, local, and unparalleled experiences!

Expert Destinations

Expert Activities

Federica's best travel experience

Sometimes exceptional travel experiences happen by chance. Right before the pandemic, I flew to Cairo for an international meeting. On Friday morning we had some unexpected free time, so I asked a local expert to take me to the location that inspired the Egyptian novel I carried with me, "Midaq Alley" by Nobel Prize winner Nagib Mahfuz. It required some research on his side, but we eventually discovered the narrow street and the humble cafè that only the imagination of a great novelist could turn into the center of such a rich story! Mahfuz never traveled outside Egypt, and would hardly leave his neighborhood, but in spite of this, he wrote incredible novels full of universal understanding. This experience reminded me that the best traveling starts with an attitude, and is not only a physical experience.

Why is Federica the right travel expert

My purpose is to help travelers experience a destination in a way that is a close as possible to their idea of traveling and discovering. This means that I focus on listening to the client and understanding what she or he wants; this is the first step towards good service in the travel industry! I also have excellent on-the-ground experience and knowledge of the travel sector and multiple destinations, which is a good base for providing tips and advice when required.