Hi, I'm Ema! I’m an adventurer addicted to outdoor sports and travelling. I’m pretty sure I’ve chosen the right profession for me! It all started from a 10-day hike I arranged for my friends from the UK, who later brought their friends, and then their friends’ friends... They loved it so much that they made a book about their Macedonian adventure and I launched my own travel company. I started my dream job!

My company has grown a lot in the last 15 years. Unfortunately, I’m not able to guide the tours anymore due to the amount of office work, but I’m always involved: checking on the groups and services, talking to our guests and finding more about their interests and creating new experiences, routes, trails and stories.

One thing about me is that I rarely stay in hotels. Once I make the hotel inspection for the next season, I pitch my tent in a forest or by a lake and I say to myself, “Ema, you need to enjoy this work if you want to keep being successful! Take a swim in the lake instead of the hotel shower, and you’ll have a full battery for tomorrow.”

Emilija's Travel Expertise

I am an expert on all of Macedonia. Macedonia is a small, landlocked country which takes only 4 hours to drive from one border to another, and I know it all! I also know a lot about beyond the borders, in the neighbouring Balkan countries (I was born in Yugoslavia, a country of mixed nations and marriages).

At the company, I am the adventure tours person. That means hiking, trekking, cycling, mountain biking, 4x4, kayaking, exploring wilderness and rural areas, cooking…but not the international stuff. No! It is the old Macedonian recipes that make you ask for the second plate without even thinking of calories. And don’t forget the wine… Macedonia has the third best Syrah in the WORLD! It’s a pity I’m limited to 300 words here…

I also work together with a great team – all of them highly professional and experienced. They take care about the deadlines, reservations and logistics to the smallest details, and they make sure that your trip goes smoothly and safely.

Expert Destinations

Emilija's best travel experience

There are so many memorable travel experiences I have in Macedonia. One is driving off-road deep in the mountains where there was no mobile network to two cottages that were built for a once-important ex-Yugoslavian politician in the 60s who was brought there by helicopter to hunt. We swam in a deep natural pool of a crystal-clear mountain water; I could hear the silence there. And the birds! We fished and foraged for two days.

Another was in the farthest populated village in the Mariovo region, where I met grandpa Koste. This village is in the cleanest area in the Balkans, right on the WW1 front line, where people live an average of 93 years. We were camping on the rocks by the river when this old man came and offered us to stay in his house. It took me a long time to make him understand that we were comfortable where we were, camping. Anyway, early in the morning he shows up and invites us for breakfast: fresh eggs from the roost, homemade cheese and bread, and, a honeycomb! Made naturally by the bees in the rocks. Can you imagine the taste? I still sometimes bring guests to his house, but he wouldn’t charge for anything in the world. So, we bring oil, flour, salt, rakiya (local brandy) and medicines to show our love and respect. And he plays his “kaval” (local flute) for us.

Why is Emilija the right travel expert

Why should you pick me as your travel expert? Just read the feedback I’ve received from some of my clients:

Dear Ema,
You are too-too amazing! Thank you again for such a wonderful feast and all the attention to every detail. It was the highlight of my holiday. Wishing you lots of success - you deserve it! Please let me know when you're ready to launch your new adventure routes; it sounds right up my street.
Alison D. USA

I have just emailed my thanks to Kim for such a successful Macedonian venture and of course we all owe equal thanks to you for organizing everything so well and for looking after us in such an amazingly generous and committed way. You really are a travel agent extraordinaire. Indeed, you acted more like a friend than a travel agent and that is what I hope you have become. We had the most marvellous time, with some excellent and varied walking, a nice cultural overlay, great camaraderie and some great evenings - highlights being the pizzas in Bitola and the seashore restaurant you arranged for our last night in Thessaloniki. This last gesture was typical of the 'going the extra mile' attitude that both you and Kim showed throughout and which I can assure you the whole party frankly found pretty amazing and greatly appreciated. You were also both joyful companions (as was Simon) and added an extra dimension to our otherwise geriatric party. Thank you SO much everything! We will keep in touch and will try to get you across here for our traditional reunion in the new year.
Stephen M., UK