Hi, I am Cindy, a professional travel planner and organizer. I was born and raised in Shanghai and am a city girl, 100%! I love travel, food, and sharing all my best experiences with interested people. In me, you will find an energetic, well-spoken, and cosmopolitan person to travel with. I have a warm personality and a sense of humor.

I am the founder of a Shanghai travel company. I created my business because of my passion for travel and am continuously updating, developing, and improving. I personally design all the tours and work hard to make sure everything is perfect.

Apart from travel, I also love Chinese history, culture, and literature, and I do Chinese calligraphy and printing! I love to share my culture and interests with people from around the world.

Cindy's Travel Expertise

As the founder of a travel company, I am an expert in travel all over China. Shanghai is my hometown and I know everything there is to know about it, including the surrounding Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. I am also very familiar with the best attractions in the provinces which include Suzhou, water town, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Yellow Mountain, etc.

As a company, we have had many successful tours all over China and we have also organized culture team building for many international companies.

My tours always focus on more than just sightseeing; I love to show visitors hidden spots and help them to learn more about the history, culture, and daily life of our local people.

Cindy's best travel experience

I have travelled to many countries including New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the USA, and I have so many great memories that it is really difficult to say which one is the best! However, my trip to Thailand in 2012 was so memorable.

My travel partner and I planned a 10-day road trip in Thailand. We flew to Bangkok and rented a car at the airport. On our plan was to visit Bangkok, Hua Hin and Koh Samui. In Bangkok, we enjoyed all the authentic local street food. We tried BBQ fish wrapped in banana leaf, sticky rice with mango and the local milk tea. Sitting with other young people like us, we felt just like insiders.

After Bangkok we drove to Hua Hin. I rode a pony on the beach, strolled along the beach side and dined in romantic seafood restaurants. I remember we went to a local bar around midnight and drank with many local Thai people. Their English was not great but we had so much fun with them, even singing karaoke!

When we drove next to Koh Samui we got lost along the way and ended up driving 14 hours straight until finally we arrived at the ferry station in the dark. We slept on the ferry and when we awoke there was Koh Samui, like a beautiful paradise! All we did was relax, swim and get massages…

To me, the meaning of travelling is to make incredible memories, and this experience definitely did!

Why is Cindy the right travel expert

I have over 5-years of experience as a tour guide and tour designer. Currently, I am running my town company and have made many contacts in and out of Shanghai in the travel industry.

Also, I make a great travel expert because I am a local. It may be easy for travelers to visit famous sites, but they won't find the real hidden gems without an insider! I can guide you to the places you won't find yourself and I will answer all your questions about Chinese culture, history, literature, and more.