My name is Belaza Zafifenjaha and I was born on the southeast coast of Madagascar. l left my hometown and moved to the capital, Antananarivo, where l went to University. Today, I still live and work on this beautiful island.

l initially wanted to become an English teacher but one of my classmates, who was a tour guide, asked me if l wanted to join him working as a guide in Madagascar. l replied without hesitation a big YES, l would love to contribute to my country by sharing Madagascar and its unique natural wonders with all corners of the world. Now, I am the manager of my own tour company, Gassi Tours Madagascar, which is based in Antananarivo.

Madagascar is a huge island with lots to offer tourists wanting to experience the unique fauna and flora. I look forward to hearing from you!

Belaza's Travel Expertise

I guide all over Madagascar and specialize in the most popular destinations. This includes the Tsiribihina, with its famous limestone pinnacle rock formation known locally as Tsingy, the forest of stones and the avenue of Baobab near Morondava.

I am an expert at wildlife tours, and I also specialize in taking clients to discover the green east of Madagascar, to Andasibe National Park, the home of the largest living lemur called indri indri, to hear its magical call that sounds deep in the forest. I also combine this tour with the Peninsula of Ankanin’ny Nofy, where visitors can observe many species of lemur, including indri indri, sifaka, mouse, crowned lemurs and even the shy and extraordinary endangered aye aye.

Other destinations include RN7 or down south of Madagascar to discover the rainforest of Ranomafana to get up close to ring-tailed lemurs, trek Andringitra National Park’s highest mountain, and see the sandstone rock formations in Isalo National Park.

Along with the rest of my company, I offer year-round a wide variety of tours and safaris or should you prefer it, a tailor-made trip to enable you to discover the most amazing treasures that the Island of Madagascar has to offer.

Expert Destinations

Belaza's best travel experience

Every trip that l have lead throughout Madagascar was memorable! This includes trips not only with tourists but also with the local Malagasy people. I will always remember the climb that l had with a group of tourists to Tsingy of Bemaraha, where we climbed up to 60 meters above the ground. And I won’t forget hearing the great morning songs of the indri indri in the rainforest of Andasibe National Park. I also remember the magical moment when l saw the endangered night active lemur called aye aye for the first time.

Why is Belaza the right travel expert

I am a local, born and raised in Madagascar, and I know the island and all of its treasures very well. I can offer you customized tours on this amazing island for a very competitive price. And, after you write to me, I promise that you will have your answers as fast as possible!

My home and its natural wonders are important to me. With me as your travel expert, not only will your trip be a memorable experience of this unique island, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your visit would have helped to support and maintain our vital conservation areas.