I have been working in the travel sector for 10 years and I am always happy to plan an inspiring trip around the Baltic States. I am driven by a love of my homeland and I strive to deliver memorable experiences for those who visit.

Experiencing new places is one of my favorite activities. I especially like ‘slow’ traveling as it gives me time to feel and experience the culture of a place.

Always smiling and full of ideas, I boldly make it my mission to show the most beautiful and unique places in the Baltic States to other travelers and explorers. I believe that the best travel souvenirs include things like cake recipes, local musical instruments, or special knitting patterns, but the most important ones are the genuine stories of local people.

Alina's Travel Expertise

I specialize in the Baltic State destinations, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Every trip is unique and I always try to include highlights visit, as well as some nature and outdoor activities, and unique exclusive experiences.

I am knowledgeable about all kinds of tours and holiday types. These may range from the Baltic highlights holidays to walking, photography, food, outdoor trips, and cultural trips. My aim is to provide trips with exceptional, authentic experiences so that you are not just ticking off a destination from the list, but taking part in amazing activities, embracing the local culture, and meeting local people at the destinations you visit.

I can also organize trips that are self-guided, which gives more freedom and independence if that is what you prefer!

Expert Destinations

Alina's best travel experience

I have spent a third of my life travelling! I have managed not only to travel but also to live in many different places, from Colorado to Reykjavik, and from London to Nida. And when I returned from my travels, I decided to share my joy of discovery with others. The Baltic States is a beautiful place that I enjoy traveling to a lot at any time of the year.

Why is Alina the right travel expert

I make a great travel expert because I make it my goal to show the best and most unique places in the Baltic States to adventurous travelers. I don’t just want you to see the highlights, I make it my mission to help you explore all the interesting places and learn about the culture and history, all while having memorable experiences. I love my country and I think this shows through my work. Don’t be surprised if your tour with me turns into a cultural journey through the past and present, spiced up by real-life stories.