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A trip to India opens up a whole new world to even the most intrepid traveler — and that is an understatement. For anyone who is looking for an awakening of the senses, India is the place to be. To help you prepare for adventures that the country can offer, we bring to you necessary guides and articles. From things to do in India and places to visit, to the nitty-gritty of planning the India trip, we’ve got you covered. ...

Depending on how much time you have, you can spend 7 days, 10 days or 2 to 3 weeks in India. For more insight on how many days to spend in India, check out our India itinerary article. But with a vast country to explore it can be difficult to decide where to go first. When you’ve completed the much recommended and popular Golden Triangle, don’t miss out on your best opportunity to do some tiger spotting in one of India’s best national parks. If you have the chance, check off the must-see places in Rajasthan and visit Varanasi. However, if you are really looking forward to discovering more of India, exploring Kerala through its backwaters and visiting Ladakh come highly recommended. For more, check out our other travel guides below.

Things to do in India

India is an expansive, diverse country where its heart beats in the cultural tones of ancient rituals to modern buildings into the deepest forests of the safari and onwar... Read more

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