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Planning a trip to Chile? Our travel guide is here to help you get started. Find out when to go to Chile, where to go, and what to do in Chile. The capital, Santiago, is the first destination for many travelers in the country. Discover the best things to do in Santiago. Valparaiso and Cajon del Maipo are popular destinations not very far from there. Read our guide to the best ways to reach Valparaiso and things to do in Cajon del Maipo. ...

The Atacama Desert, Easter Island, Tierra del Fuego, and the Torres del Paine National Park are other must-visit destinations in Chile. Sign up for one of the popular treks in Torres del Painethe W trek or the O Circuit. If time allows, give kayaking in Chile a shot, or summit one of the popular volcanoes or mountains, or ski down one of them. If adventure activities in Chile are not your thing, consider a laid-back wine tour through the Chilean wine regions, a great way to explore the country. Don't forget the beaches and beach towns throughout Chile that make for a relaxing getaway. For a hassle-free trip, browse through the many Chile tours we have. Chile has something for everyone. Find your perfect Chilean holiday with us!!

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From the fields of Patagonia, the ones that influenced Bruce Chatwin, to the endless mystery of the Easter Islands, there are a million things for you to do in Chile, an... Read more

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