About Us

Topas Travel has been operating in Vietnam since 1993 and was the pioneer of active travel in Sapa, thus opening a world of stunning ethnic tribes and landscapes to the world. We specialize in custom-made tours for travelers looking for authentic and active ways to explore the beauty of Vietnam. We are also the only tour company partnered with National Geographic in Vietnam and are frequently featured in international media. We are also well-known for our Vietnam Trail Series sports events. Til date we have given over USD 300,000 to charity projects and are built on doing the right thing. For over 20 years Topas has been investing in Vietnam. We undertake on-going sustainability projects at our resorts and support the local communities through employment and regular charitable donations.

Why book with Us

- We care about your health and safety.
- We bring you the authentic experience. Our tour will focus on off-the-beaten-track activities, peaceful and isolated properties.
- We offer a very flexible booking and cancellation terms and conditions.
- We offer 24/7 customer service team and can support you whenever you are on tour.
- We have an experienced team of destination experts.

Tours and Holidays by Topas Travel

Topas Travel has not yet published any tours.