About Us

Who is it for?

As experienced tour guides, we prioritize effective communication by not only sharing our knowledge but also actively listening to our clients.

That’s why during the course of 24 years of accumulated experience, we have sought to understand the expectations of our tourists, and we have identified the following key desires:

- Exploring the natural wilderness
- Discovering the unspoiled beauty of Costa Rica
- Learning from our authentic culture
- Experiencing unique wildlife encounters
- But principally, escaping everyday routines for thrilling adventures

Utilizing this accumulated knowledge, we have thoughtfully designed a range of wildlife packages, tours, and adventures for you.

We are, certainly, thrilled to share our stunning destinations and invite you to fall in love with the unmatched experiences we offer.

Why book with Us

Dear traveler,

We know that you are in a very distant country trying to find out what experiences to live and what to expect from your trip to Costa Rica. Asking yourself about the lodging, the destinations you can’t miss, the food, the tours, the transportation, and the security.

We know it because we have been tourists…. And the first thing we want you to know is that we are here to guide you and help you select the best path.

First, however, we must warn you that we take pride in not following the crowds and traditional tourism structures. In fact, our approach is aimed towards the explorations of nature without artificial ingredients.

In other words, our average tourist has an interest in preserving the environment, experiencing adventure, the observation of animals and exploring jungles. Everything, while avoiding crowds and meeting with locals.

If you are looking for are extraordinary experiences full of unforgettable emotions. We have great news for you because me and my team have curated the best adventures and wildlife explorations off the beaten path in Costa Rica. And the only thing you have to decide is, whether your focus is more on seeing animals or on adventure?

In the same way, both sections are intertwined and despite picking an ”adventure”, you will be able to see animals or despite selecting a “safari” you will live an adventure.

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