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  • Janna Chacko
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5 - Excellent
"Everything was wonderful! Loved the hotels, the tour guides and the maps got us everywhere! We loved every minute!"
  • Carl Bonitz
  • From USA
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5 - Excellent
"Beautiful Greek islands and Ancient Greece…..awesome trip!! Amazing food, beautiful beaches and marvelous ancient ruins."
  • Anonymous
  • From USA
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5 - Excellent
"My son and I had a great time on this private tour that we chose the places including family areas in rural areas. We had great tour guides in each site and our driver was knowledgeable and pointed out many things in our drive"

About Us

Somewhere We Know is a cultural travel company based in Athens, Greece. We create unique experiential travels and cultural trips, food & wine tours, hiking experiences and family trips in the Peloponnese, Epirus and other unexplored regions of Greece, as well as in the Greek islands. We welcome to our cultural tours like-minded people who travel with a purpose: to learn about Greek history, philosophy and culture, to collect moments beyond the ordinary, to explore unknown paths, to live exceptional experiences, and to embrace the everyday life of modern Greece.

We organize and run our own tours:
- Cultural travels: For travelers who wish to understand the history of Greece and the evolution of its culture as it reveals through ancient monuments, architecture, arts, customs, and traditions.
- Experiential travels: Expect lots of walks and hikes but also activities through which our travelers learn new things i.e. participate in harvesting the grapes, the olives, in collecting wild medicinal herbs, practice yoga, participate in an art class, etc.
- Special activities for children: When our travelers travel with children, aged 4-14 years old, for an additional fee we incorporate special activities for children. The benefit is that children learn through creative playing and will have their own specialized guide.

- Travel Independently. We organize trips for independent travelers who travel with their friends or family members.
- Travel in less crowded destinations. We choose destinations with less travelers. We choose to travel during more quiet times of the year.
- Travel safely. We follow the instructions of the Greek government so that we can ensure the safety of your trip. We choose hotels, transfers and restaurants with a certification of hygiene protocols. The plan of each day of the trip is made with the aim of low contact with crowds.
- Travel as a means of wellness. Travel with the aim of wellness. With relaxed rhythms and mild physical activity. Enjoy Greek nature and landscapes. Have a balanced Greek nutrition.
- Get in contact with locals.
- Travel with our personal care. We personally take care of every single detail of your trip, from the first day you arrive in Greece until you return home safely. We are available to assist you anytime 24/7 during your trip.

Why book with Us

- Each travel is in perfect balance between the old & the new, so apart from visiting historical sites our travelers get to know the modern aspects of Greece and its people too.
- The routes of our trips are developed through extensive reading of history books and explorers' memoirs, but also through close cooperation with a broad network of locals, in order for each trip to be a unique experience.
- We experience each journey by ourselves. Ee travel each route again and again, before we suggest it to our clients.
- We work closely with experts who have deep knowledge in their field either it is history, archeology, arts or gastronomy.
- We provide accommodation in traditional guesthouses and small boutique hotels, whenever possible.

The way we travel
- Tailor-made trips only for you
You can tell us your idea for a cultural, experiential trip in Greece and we will make it come true. Just choose the dates you want to travel and we can plan your trip, including accommodation and transport, activities and sightseeing. We will also appoint a dedicated tour guide and a driver to support you throughout your holiday.

- Self drive trips
If you prefer to explore Greece behind the wheel of your very own vehicle, our tailor-made self-drive trips offer you the freedom to create the perfect trip. You can either choose one of our pre-existing itineraries or you can tell us your idea for a cultural, experiential trip in Greece and we will make it come true.

We will suggest a custom-made, independent self-drive trip with many interesting places to visit along the way. We will prepare a choice of accommodation and car-hire that fits your travel plan and requirements. We will arrange your tour guides, city guides, trekking experts to support you throughout your holiday.

Traveling alone or with your 20 best friends? We can customize your ideal experience in Greece.
Let’s go!

Tours and Holidays by Somewhere We Know

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