About Us

Rediscover Tours is a travel company that focuses on cultural experiences for travelers to Japan. We have offices in Japan and USA.

Our mission is to provide a culturally-enriching experience by meeting and getting to know the Japanese people, and discovering Japan's rich cultural heritage.

Rediscover Tours is about the people and culture of Japan!

Why book with Us

Rediscover Tours focuses on slow-paced tours rather than offering you the typical Japanese package tour, where you visit two cities in one day. While, the number of destinations is fewer, our tours offer the chance and time to get to know the Japanese people and to experience the Japanese culture in-depth. In addition, our tours will take you to off the beaten tracks so that you can discover places that most visitors would never have the opportunity to see.

Japan offers an array of accommodations. These accommodations include ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn), minshuku (a smaller Japanese inn), shukubo (temple lodging) and Western hotels. By carefully choosing a variety of accommodations for your tour, we aim to give you a deeper insight into the life in Japan. Furthermore, the intimate accommodations will allow you to have close, personal contact with the owners and staff of these places.

Our tours offer you the chance to sample a large variety in types of food — from eating with the local Japanese in small diners and trying homemade Japanese meals to sampling full course seafood dinners or some of the refined traditional Japanese cuisine.

Tours and Holidays by Rediscover Tours

Rediscover Tours has not yet published any tours.