About Us

We are a socially responsible tour operator, supporting Guna Ayala community in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are the No.1 agency for tour to San Blas Islands in Panama, offering authentic experiences with all-inclusive packages!

Why book with Us

We have chosen to support the following goals from United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development:

Goal No. 5 Gender equality
- We prioritize islands owned or manage by female leaders, and where they have a good split between working women and men.
- We provide a new way of income, promoting local handcrafts made by women artists, such as molas, masks, bracelets, etc.

Goal No. 11 Sustainable communities
- All our staff in the islands are locals and most of the money stays in local hands. We work as a mediators for travelers to introduce them to this amazing paradise.
- Toy donations and Christmas party for Dibin community in Guna Ayala where we support more than 50 families.

Goal No. 14 Life below the water
- We are committed to protect life below the ocean. This includes disposing trash generated by our clients to recycle centers in Panama city.
- During meals we use reusable plates, and cutlery.
- We encourage our clients to help us pick up their trash in the islands.
- We carry out awareness programs for our staff on the importance to take care of our oceans.

We are working hard everyday to deliver the best experience to our clients but at the same time are also supporting local families!

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