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  • Shahid Saleem
  • From Sweden
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"Oasis might be a good operator for other destinations but it was definitely not good for Africa overland. Just imagine, you are traveling in Africa which can get really hot. There is no fridge or freezer in the truck so there is no way you can keep the food in a safe way in the truck. All other operators have at least a fridge (oven both fridge and freezer) in their trucks.
Information from the crew was not of a good quality, notice board was not updated, most of the time information was given in small groups when all participants were not present which causes frustration. Crew was not as active or participant as it should be, you as traveler have to work lot more than it should be.

During our long trip, there was a diesel leakage from the tank which contributed that all of our food had both a smell and taste of diesel. It was not fixed until the end of the tour.
Money spend on food was insufficient, in the beginning of tour there was not much to buy which operators should be aware of and since there was no cold storage on the truck, there were only few vegetables available to buy and meat quality was bad before arriving at Botswana-Namibia.
I met another tour operator and visited their truck on the road. It was just one crew member on that truck (we had two) and he not only kept the truck very clean all the time he was even making food for the participants. Our crew did not make any food and did not keep the truck clean, it was up to us to do that.

If you are looking for a life-time adventure in Africa, may be it will be a good idea to pay bit more and choose an operator who is more active and responsible."

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Oasis Overland is an adventure travel company. We aim to provide travelers with a unique traveling experience, very different to that of a normal package holiday.

The great advantage is that you do not have the worries and hassles that can occur when trying to organize a trip alone. Our trips will allow you to spend your precious time getting out there and immersing yourself in different cultures and regions which we pass through and give you more time to make friends and share experiences along the way. Plus there's the added bonus of security and peace of mind that traveling as part of a group brings.

So if you are looking for an adventure, we’ve got the ideal trip for you.

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