About Us

Mobee international is a French travel agency created in 2016. We have 15 years of experience and trained travel agents in 4 countries to guarantee unforgettable stays.

Our only mission is to provide you with customized and personalized stays from A to Z. We make your wildest dreams come true, such as flying to Monaco from Nice by helicopter, renting classic cars to travel through Tuscany or renting a catamaran and a staff to sail on the French Riviera... everything is possible with us. Your only limit will be your imagination.

We specialize in the following destinations:
- France (offices in Lyon, Nice and Paris)
- Italy (offices in Milan & Parma)
- Greece
- Mauritius (offices in Port Louis)

Why book with Us

We work every day to help travelers from all over the world discover France like never before. We offer unique and unforgettable experiences with one goal in mind: 5-star customer service worthy of Parisian palaces.

Tours and Holidays by Mobee International

Mobee International has not yet published any tours.