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  • Samra Mazhar
  • From Pakistan
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  • Pamela Moscoso
  • From Chile
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"I am very disappointed with Emo Tour Egypt (Marwan) by the way they handled our booking with Egyptair on our trip from Cairo to Luxor and from Luxor to Cairo. We did a booking all in Economy which we payed. After a couple of days was contacted by Emo Tour and was told we must upgrade our economy class ticket to business on the leg Luxor Cairo a one hour flight, because the airplane was fully booked. We had a communication via WhatsApp and pointed out this was not what we had bought. Emo Tour Egypt insisted we had to pay 45 USD for each of us, a party of two, a total of 90 USD in order to travel the day we had selected, otherwise change the date to travel. We could not change it as we had everything planned on this time frame. Since we dearly wanted to go to Luxor, we had no choice but accept this, all thought it was not what we had booked originally. On the day we had to travel back from Luxor to Cairo, we saw that the airplane had at least 6 empty seats on Economy, which was very disturbing knowing we had to pay 90 USD because the airplane was fully booked. We had agreed that we would pay for the difference once we returned from Luxor, but as you may figure, we were very upset with how things were handled by Emo Tour Egypt. We didn’t want to pay, but Emo Tour said that they were not responsible for the people that had canceled their flights. We said we were not responsible for this, because we had a confirmation sent by Viator in Economy and all of the sudden, this was no longer true, according to Emo Tours. All they offered as a solution was they would loose their commission but we still have to pay 80 USD for the both of us, for a mistake we did not do. Completely UNACCEPTABLE !! The guides were fantastic but they spoiled all of it, by not being responsible for a mistake they had dine. This is no Customer Service and to make matter worse, did not have the decency to call and speak directly with us, but instead, had the person that picked us at the airport, that had no saying to handle this very unfortunate situation. Shame on you Emo Tours Egypt. I myself have been Customer Manger on an airline and Reservation System, so clearly understand about this matter. Very lousy problem resolution from Emo Tour Egypt. Would have expected something different."
  • Edison E Florez
  • From USA
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"highly recommended !!"
  • Hseyin Cnar
  • From Turkey
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"I arrived the Luxor in the early of morning around 06:05 And We met Ms Salwa,my Tour Guide around 07:00.The tour starts with the temple of Hetseptshut, which was covered by sands for years.Temple has great place where the sun set.Then we move through the valley of kings,on the road we stopped near by the master pottery house whose grand grandfather was worked for Carter.After we bought some lovely stuff, we head through the tombs by taking great information from our lovely intelligence guide,Ms Salwa.We finished our journey after visiting Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak which were most excited and spectacular monumantel areas.I kindly invite you to come to Egypt and see those amazing history and ofc you can feel amazing with the right hands,bookmundi
  • Farhana Yasmin Zaman
  • From Britain
  • On
1 - Very poor
for Abu Simbel day tour from Cairo
"Awful. Wish I had stayed away. Worst company out of the 3 booked"

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