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Dolphins Driven is a nine year experienced company in nautical tourism, and proud to be the first certified company with the ISO 9001 Norm of Quality since 2012.
Our main goal is to exceed our clients expectations. We offer dolphin searching and caves tours ,and Kayaks along the coastline.

Why book with Us


Dolphins Driven is one of the few companies of its kind operating in the Algarve's coast involved in biology studies and marine species' preservation projects.
Because we care about the environment and the preservation of nature, we're committed to show our customers all the beauty of our coast without harming, or anyhow endangering, the respective ecosystems.
We stand for Integrity and Professionalism, always with great competence in the activities we offer.
We are a company dedicated to innovation, where quality is the value that distinguishes us in what we do.

Dolphins Driven responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the universe in which (environment, marine environment, society) it is inserted, always trying to innovate and improve in the activities that we propose, always in a sustainable way.

Tours and Holidays by Dolphins Driven

Dolphins Driven has not yet published any tours.