About Us

Coster Diamonds is one of the city’s oldest operating diamond firms founded back in 1840. Their master craftsmen have been making exquisite works of art for over 160 years. Coster was also the first diamond firm in Holland to use steam powered machines. It has been entrusted with the polishing of many famous diamonds. They were commissioned by Prince Albert of England with the re-polishing of the world famous “Koh-I-Nohr” or “Mountain of Light”, a blue-white diamond which is part of England’s crown jewels and can be viewed in the Tower of London. The beautiful Dresden diamond, another one of the firm’s creations, is an apple-green beauty and part of the crown jewels of Saxony. More recently, Coster was commissioned to polish a lilac coloured stone from South Africa which could be considered as one of the world’s most priceless stones. During your excursion in our factory you will also enjoy to see the Lucullan, a unique diamond (181.15 carats), which is the largest unpolished gem in the world.

Coster Diamonds is one of the busiest diamond factories in Amsterdam, annually approximately 400.000 visitors come to see our craftsmen at work. Over 900 persons can be accommodated in the factory and showrooms at one time. The free guided tours are done in more than 27 languages, including most Asian ones, by an efficient and accommodating staff who will explain in detail how diamonds are polished. After the tour visitors have the opportunity to browse around in Coster’s spacious showrooms. Here one sees an extensive collection of loose and set diamonds, and one of the biggest collections in Amsterdam of large stones weighing over 1 carat. A great number of stones are accompanied by a certificate of the G.I.A. or the High Council. Tax-free shopping is available for residents of countries outside the European Union, which also includes the purchases in our gift shop. Coster Diamonds offers more than diamonds only: from duty-free shop and café to international telephone facilities; everything has been taken care of.

Besides all its other advantages Coster Diamonds has also the most ideal location in Amsterdam. What could be more perfect than having your establishment located between the Rijksmuseum and the Vincent van Gogh Museum. Just opposite of our main entrance is the parking garage for coaches. Parking is free of charge during your visit at Coster. This makes it very easy to combine a visit to our factory during an Amsterdam city tour. Coster also has a canal boat dock in front of the Rijksmuseum in case visitors wish to continue their journey by boat. The opening times of Coster Diamonds are daily from 09.00 till 17.00, including weekends.

Why book with Us

• Free guided tours in more than 27 languages
• Our monumental villa's are conveniently located between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum at the Museum Square in the heart of Amsterdam
• See our diamond polishers and goldsmiths live at work
• Learn about diamond valuation and the 4 C's
• See the largest collection of unset diamonds in Europe
• Browse through our amazing collection of high-end, handcrafted diamond jewellery
• Tax-Free shopping

Tours and Holidays by Coster Diamonds

Coster Diamonds has not yet published any tours.